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Graduate Course Descriptions
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Education Counseling

Name Title Credits School
EDCO-600 Introduction to School Counseling 3.0 Education
EDCO-601 Human Development 3.0 Education
EDCO-605 Theories of Personality 3.0 Education
EDCO-610 Theories of Psychopathology 3.0 Education
EDCO-615 Foundations of Counseling 3.0 Education
EDCO-620 Group Counseling, Leadership and Facilitation Skills 3.0 Education
EDCO-625 Community Psychology 3.0 Education
EDCO-630 Clinical Assessment 3.0 Education
EDCO-631 Prevention, Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol 3.0 Education
EDCO-635 Consultation: School and Community 3.0 Education
EDCO-640 The School Counseling Program: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation 3.0 Education
EDCO-645 Technology Literacy for School Counselors 3.0 Education
EDCO-647 Group Process 3.0 Education
EDCO-650 Social Justice, Diversity, and Cultural Issues 3.0 Education
EDCO-655 Contemporary Issues and Practices in Education and School Counseling 3.0 Education
EDCO-660 Family Dynamics and Community Resources 3.0 Education
EDCO-665 The Special Needs Student 3.0 Education
EDCO-666 Maintain Matriculation 0.0 Education
EDCO-671 Post Secondary Transitions and College Counseling 3.0 Education
EDCO-680 Counseling and Cultural Competence in a Global Society 3.0 Education
EDCO-685 Cultural Mediation 3.0 Education
EDCO-701 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy 3.0 Education
EDCO-703 Crisis Intervention and Short-Term Therapy 3.0 Education
EDCO-704 Group Counseling and Psychotherapy 3.0 Education
EDCO-705 Career Counseling and Lifestyle Development 3.0 Education
EDCO-707 Advanced Career Counseling 3.0 Education
EDCO-709 Advanced Studies in Workforce Development 3.0 Education
EDCO-710 Multicultural Issues in Counseling 3.0 Education
EDCO-715 Dynamics of Marital and Family Systems 3.0 Education
EDCO-720 Behavior Modification 3.0 Education
EDCO-725 School Violence Prevention and Student Behavior Management 3.0 Education
EDCO-730 Internship: Academic/Career/Personal Social Development - Part I 3.0 Education
EDCO-740 Internship: Academic/Career/Personal Social Development - Part II 3.0 Education
EDCO-750 Seminar 3.0 Education
EDCO-760 Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues In Counseling 3.0 Education
EDCO-770 Etiology and Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Abuse I 3.0 Education
EDCO-771 Etiology and Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Abuse II 3.0 Education
EDCO-775 Pharmacology, Epidemiology and Research In Alcohol and Substance Abuse 3.0 Education
EDCO-780 Human Sexuality 3.0 Education
EDCO-801 Advanced Counseling and Psychotherapy Techniques 3.0 Education
EDCO-810 Research, Assessment, Technology 3.0 Education
EDCO-820 Play Therapy I 3.0 Education
EDCO-821 Play Therapy II 3.0 Education
EDCO-835 Educational Law, Policy and Ethics 3.0 Education
EDCO-870 Field Practicum and Seminar 3.0 Education
EDCO-890 Internship and Seminar Part I 3.0 Education
EDCO-891 Internship and Seminar Part II 3.0 Education