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Graduate Course Descriptions
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Name Title Credits School
MGMT-510 Business Policy and Strategy 1.5 Management
MGMT-601 The Environment of Business Enterprise 3.0 Management
MGMT-605 Organizational Development and Behavioral Factors 3.0 Management
MGMT-610 Operations Management 3.0 Management
MGMT-620 International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior 1.5 Management
MGMT-630 Business Enterprise Environment 1.5 Management
MGMT-650 Strategic Leadership Capstone 3.0 Management
MGMT-690 Business Policy Seminar 3.0 Management
MGMT-701 Production Management 3.0 Management
MGMT-705 Comparative Management 3.0 Management
MGMT-706 Cyber Law, Policy and Ethics 3.0 Management
MGMT-707 Health Administration and Management 3.0 Management
MGMT-710 Management of the Research Function 3.0 Management
MGMT-711 Knowledge Management 3.0 Management
MGMT-712 Organizational Behavior 3.0 Management
MGMT-714 Organizational Psychology 3.0 Management
MGMT-716 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 3.0 Management
MGMT-720 Government Regulation and the Air Transport Industry 3.0 Management
MGMT-725 Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation 3.0 Management
MGMT-730 Management Practices in the Public Sector 3.0 Management
MGMT-735 Multinational Business Management 3.0 Management
MGMT-740 Knowledge Mgmt 3.0 Management
MGMT-750 Epidemiology for Healthcare Managers 3.0 Management
MGMT-755 Security Risk Analysis 3.0 Management
MGMT-775 Introduction to E-Commerce 3.0 Management
MGMT-780 Supply Chain Management 3.0 Management
MGMT-785 Decision Support System 3.0 Management
MGMT-802 Staffing and Selecting 3.0 Management
MGMT-822 Alternative Dispute Resolution 3.0 Management
MGMT-827 Occupational Safety and Health 3.0 Management
MGMT-882 Directed Studies 3.0 Management
MGMT-887 Human Resources Management Seminar 3.0 Management