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  • The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies serves to provide an effective launching pad for you and your business. Through a series of workshops, lectures, coursework, club activities, discussion forums, and experiential experiences we introduce you to the many aspects of starting a business that must be addressed. The Center will provide free personal counseling as you develop your business plan. Marketing strategies, financial planning, operations management, and business forecasting advice and guidance are all provided here!
  • The Center for Human Resource Studies provides a foundation in essential human resources management and labor relations knowledge to sharpen your critical thinking skills, and develop your leadership abilities. We offer numerous professional services to practicing professionals, community leaders, and corporate partners. Engaging students in real-life workforce opportunities helps to strengthen our integration of future HR leaders into practical value-adding activities that support ongoing projects with our industry partners.
  • The School of Management Center for International Business Studies promotes the internationalization of business education, guided by NYIT's mission of providing a career-oriented professional education, offering access to opportunity for all qualified students, and supporting applications-oriented research. With its focus on international initiatives, CIBS seeks to develop institutional partnerships, resource integration, and interregional cooperation. Furthermore, it prepares students and other stakeholders for the challenges of working in an increasingly globalized business environment.
  • The Center for Risk Management offers basic and advanced training to prospective risk professionals and managers as well as financial executives. This includes courses and seminars, exam preparation training programs for those seeking professional designations, fee-based workshops to support retooling, and pro-bono seminars for community participants. These opportunities engage students to interact with cutting-edge professionals. Student participation in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s annual “Fed Challenge,” and practicums that involve consulting opportunities in the business community strengthen student workforce readiness upon graduation.
  • The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing, most exciting, and most varied career fields. The Global Center for Hospitality Management is professionally oriented, blending theoretical foundations, industry best practices, and hands-on experience. We emphasizes the use of technology in the field, a critical element in all phases of planning, designing, marketing, management, accounting, and communications. Our Faculty are experts in their field and have had personal success in the industry so they can provide practical interpretations of theory, and an understanding of standards and practices. 
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