Grades and Transcripts


Grades can be viewed online at NYITConnect. If you are missing a grade for a course, contact your instructor.

If you believe that you have received an incorrect grade, you must contact the course instructor. Notify your instructor that you have a dispute with the grade you received and that you would like to request a change of grade. If the instructor agrees that the grade should be changed, he/she will process a change of grade form. The instructor will sign the form and send it along with the appropriate documentation to the chair of the department to sign. Once the instructor's and chairperson's signatures are obtained, the form is then sent to the Office of the Registrar for the grade change to be processed. If the instructor refuses to change your grade, you may initiate a grade appeal procedure (PDF) within one semester of receiving the grade. For assistance with the grade appeal procedure, please contact the Office of the Registrar on your campus.


The transcript ordering service is available online through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). Students can login through NYITConnect to order a transcript (a consent form is not required) or access the NSC directly at (you will need to submit a consent form).

Options to order a transcript include:

  1. Order online to mail a transcript, express mail, hold for pick up at the Office of the Registrar at the Old Westbury or Manhattan campuses, or order an electronic transcript (PDF).
  2. Mail or fax a completed and signed Transcript Request Form (PDF) to the address or fax number of one of the campuses indicated in the form. If you order by e-mail, please send a scanned copy of your completed and signed transcript request form. You can also write an e-mail from your NYIT e-mail account and indicate the information listed in the form.
  3. Order your transcript in person at the Office of the Registrar at the Old Westbury or Manhattan campuses. Complete and sign Transcript Request Form (PDF).

Official Transcripts

  • The official NYIT transcript includes all undergraduate and graduate academic work completed at NYIT.
  • The official College of Osteopathic Medicine transcript includes professional academic work completed at College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • If you attended NYIT and College of Osteopathic Medicine, you must request separate transcripts for your NYIT COM academic program and your NYIT academic program. To order your undergraduate/graduate transcript, choose "Complete/All" transcript type in your transcript order. To order your medical transcript only, choose "Medical" transcript type.
  • Official transcripts, ordered for colleges or prospective employers, are signed, impressed with the NYIT's official seal, and placed in a sealed envelope that will be sent directly to the recipient you indicate

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts, ordered for personal use, are signed, impressed with the NYIT's official seal, and stamped "Unofficial Student Copy"

Transcript fee is $10.00 each.

NYIT reserves the right to withhold transcripts and diplomas until all financial obligations including fees, fines, and security deposits to the college have been satisfied.

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