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Graduate Course Descriptions 2013-2014
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Name Title Credits School
ACCT-595 Financial Accounting 3.0 Management
ACCT-601 Managerial Accounting 3.0 Management
ACCT-610 Accounting Analysis 1.5 Management
ACCT-701 Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting 3.0 Management
ACCT-702 Intermediate Financial Accounting 3.0 Management
ACCT-705 Financial Accounting Theory 3.0 Management
ACCT-710 Tax Aspects of Managerial Decisions 3.0 Management
ACCT-711 Federal Taxation 3.0 Management
ACCT-712 Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting 3.0 Management
ACCT-713 Financial Statement Analysis 3.0 Management
ACCT-715 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3.0 Management
ACCT-716 Advanced Accounting 3.0 Management
ACCT-720 Federal Taxation II 3.0 Management
ACCT-721 Advanced Financial Accounting 3.0 Management
ACCT-725 Professional Auditing 3.0 Management
ACCT-731 Computer-Based Auditing and Research 3.0 Management
ACCT-732 Not-For Profit Accounting 3.0 Management
ACCT-735 Fund Accounting 3.0 Management
ACCT-745 Legal Environment of Business 3.0 Management