School of Education Faculty and Staff

Office of the Dean

Dr. Jess Boronico

Interim Dean
Ph.D. Wharton School of Business
Phone: 516.686.7838

Shiang-Kwei Wang

Dr. Shiang-Kwei Wang

Associate Dean
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Phone: 516.686.7600

Staci Kirschner

Staci Kirschner

Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 516.686.1169


Instructional Technology Department

Sarah McPherson

Dr. Sarah McPherson

Associate Professor and Chair, Instructional Technology
Ed.D., Johns Hopkins University
Phone: 516.686.1053


Michael Uttendorfer

Dr. Michael Uttendorfer

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology
Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Phone: 516.686.7541

Jaime Martinez

Dr. Jaime Martinez

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology
Ph.D., City University of New York
Phone: 646.273.6141

Kate O'Hara

Dr. Kate E. O'Hara

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology
Ph.D., City University of New York
Phone: 212.261.1534

Stan Silverman

Prof. Stan Silverman

Professor, Instructional Technology
M.S., Long Island University
Phone: 631.348.3219



Teacher Education Department

Hui-Yin Hsu

Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu

Associate Professor and Chair, Teacher Education
Ph.D., University of Pittsburg 
Phone: 516.686.1322



School Counseling Department

Carol Dahir

Dr. Carol Dahir

Associate Professor and Chair, School Counseling
Ed.D., Hofstra University
Phone: 646.273.6051
Alt. Phone: 516.686.7616

Megyn Shea

Dr. Megyn Shea

Assistant Professor, School Counseling
Ph.D., Oregon State University
Phone: 516.686.3866
Alt. Phone: 646.273.6142

Dan Cinotti

Dr. Dan Cinotti

Assistant Professor, School Counseling
Phone: 212.261.1541



Student Support and Administratives


Luz Minaya

Director of Field Placement and Certification
Phone: 516.686.7492

Kristen Schaefer

Administrative Assistant, Teacher Education, Instructional Technology (Middletown, Rockland), School Leadership and Technology, Certificate programs
Phone: 516.686.1286

Erin Fabian

Erin Fabian

Staff Associate, School Counseling, Instructional Technology (Online, UFT), MSIT Trainer
Phone: 212.261.1529
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