Welcome to the School of Management! We are happy that you have landed here and would like to tell all of our prospective students and other stakeholders about some of the unique features of the School, and why you might choose our school to pursue your academic studies:

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Quality Instruction! We have numerous highly qualified full-time faculty members providing the majority of instruction, and we complement this instruction with professionals, from industry. This blend ensures that we bridge the gap that traditionally exists between academic theory and application to practice.

Diverse academic programs! Our undergraduate programs include accounting, finance, hospitality, human resource studies, international business, management, and marketing. The school also supports a niche program opportunity in entrepreneurial studies, supported by our Small Business Incubator. In the graduate programs, our concentrations in the MBA program include decision sciences, finance, and marketing. our MS program is avaliable for those that wish to pursue graduate studies in Human Resource Management or Labor Relations, our post-professional EMBA is offered to experieinced practitioners, and a joint BSBA/MBA program is available in accounting for those pursuing CPA designation.

Facilities! Our state of the art facilities include a simulated hi-technology trading floor, a Small Business Incubator, and a Student Enrichment Center. Our emphasis on integrated technology includes the use of Bloomberg, Compustat, SPSS and many other leading and cutting edge software tools and databases.

Industry Networking! Our Professional Enrichment Program engages over sixty industry experts from all business sectors in delivering workshops and seminars for our students to attend, every semester. In addition to learning about emerging issues in business, the Professional Enrichment Program delivers workshops to help prepare students for the transition, upon graduation, to industry life. Sessions in this area include workshops on Business Etiquette, Dress for Success, Mocktail Party, and many others.

Experiential Education! Your education in our school includes opportunities to work on consulting projects with companies (Practicum), enroll into "Challenge" courses that are team taught with faculty and industry experts, engage into team-oriented Corporate Challenge case studies created by existing organizations and reflecting their current challenges, pursue study abroad for credit at many international locations, conduct business research and attend and present research at conferences, develop economic forecasts as a part of the Fed Challenge, and compete in teams with students from many schools across the globe by participating in our International Workshop. These are unique opportunities that our school offers, and of course, we also feature a number of internship opportunities, both domestic and abroad.

Student Engagement! As a part of our school's Student Advancement Program, students have opportunities to join numerous clubs and associations, hold membership in honor societies, receive mentoring from their peers and also industry experts, participate in numerous fields trips including our "Day on Wall Street," and be a part of many wonderful and meaningful community service activities, By way of this unique co-curricular program, we ensure that all our students are actively engaged into their learning experiences throughout their program of study.

Student Advisory Board! All students have an opportunity to join the unique Student Advisory Board, and function in the same way as a professional industry board. This student managed board reports to the dean on opportunities for advancing the school, engages into accreditation activities, immerses all students into the operation of the school, and adds significant value to the portfolio of outcomes that participating students can take with them, upon graduation.

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