Undergraduate Course Descriptions 2013-2014
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Early Childhood Educ

Name Title Credits School
ECE-101 Introductiion Early Childhood Education 3.0 Education
ECE-102 Early Childhood Growth & Development 3.0 Education
ECE-103 Early Childhood Learning Communities 3.0 Education
ECE-201 Educational Psychology Early Childhood 3.0 Education
ECE-203 Instructional Technology Early Childhood 3.0 Education
ECE-212 Children's Literature and Early Literacy 3.0 Education
ECE-216 Art ,Music, Movement in Early Childhood 3.0 Education
ECE-225 Survey of Exceptional Children 3.0 Education
ECE-230 Observational and Assessment Early Child 3.0 Education
ECE-242 Early Childhood Methods: Science & Math 3.0 Education
ECE-246 Early Child Meth: Language/Social Stud 3.0 Education
ECE-280 Early Childhood Professional Capstone 3.0 Education