Advanced Research Core

Advanced Research Core

NYIT and its College of Osteopathic Medicine have initiated a collaborative research program, Advanced Research Core (ARC), to provide laboratory positions for exceptional NYIT undergraduate students. Through ARC, NYIT undergraduate students will join an on-going research project under the mentorship of a College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty member and will contribute to the college's research community.

Students will be expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment and dedication to the research projects through both technical and intellectual input. It is anticipated that many of these research projects will lead to publications in peer-reviewed research journals and presentations at SOURCE and national conferences. Students will take required safety and training courses, depending on laboratory projects assigned.

To participate in this program, students must meet defined academic requirements.

Student Expectations

Students must demonstrate commitment to a research project, including setting defined amounts of hours/week (at least 8 hours/week) that will be devoted to the research project. Students should meet the standards set by both the program as well as their College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty mentor. Quarterly Reports must be submitted to the faculty member and Program Directors. 

Goals of NYIT/College of Osteopathic Medicine

As a research institute, we aim to provide research opportunities to our students. While the faculty serves as the backbone of our university, our students bring enthusiasm and novel perspective to our programs. Through ARC, students and faculty can work together to further advance recognition of NYIT within the biomedical research community.

ARC Seminar Series

Each semester, ARC will invite a distinguished speaker to NYIT to present to a campus-wide audience. Faculty and students will together recruit speakers, organize the event, and participate in an exclusive meeting with the speaker for a small-group discussion. 

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