Why the my4321plan?

Every student at NYIT is assigned a personal Student Solutions Center Manager who will guide you and help you stay on track to graduate on time and make the most of your college experience at NYIT. my4321plan is designed to keep new students on track both academically and financially.

Four (4) Years to Graduate

For many students enrolled in a bachelor's degree program, taking -- and completing -- at least 15 credits each semester is essential to graduate in four years. Any less and you're looking at summer school or extra semesters. Remember it's 15 to finish!

It's in your hands:
There are many resources available to help you plan your courses each semester until graduation. You can access semester maps online, as well as the unofficial NYIT Degree Audit Program Evaluation on NYITConnect. All course selections must be confirmed by an advisor in your Academic Department.

Three (3.0) GPA

Set the goal high! Keeping your grade point average (GPA) up can be vital to your academic success. Your GPA is more than just a number, and it can affect your college education and future job opportunities in either positive or negative ways. Colleges and degree programs often have minimum GPA requirements that you have to meet. If your GPA is not high enough, it can prevent you from being accepted into certain degree programs, registering for specific courses, and receiving financial aid.

Your Student Solutions Center Manager will meet with you during your first semester and throughout your first year to discuss your academic progress and offer support and suggestions when you need assistance. We will work closely with you so that you keep your grades up and your scholarship intact, if applicable.

Upon graduation, many students are looking for a great job or are planning to continue their studies in graduate school. Either way, you should have a strong GPA (3.0 or above) as you will be competing with the best and the brightest.

Commit to Academic Excellence - Two (2) Hours of Study Per Credit Per Week

While you may have done well in high school, the heavy course load of college requires you to be organized with your time and to develop strong study skills for academic success. NYIT's Learning Center offers individual workshops on how to manage your time and study environment and to learn how to take good notes in class.

Research shows dedicating a minimum of two hours of studying for every credit hour is essential for student success.

One (1) Internship

In a highly competitive job market, you will need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. An internship is a great way to do it.

Employers prefer to hire graduating seniors who have career-related work experience. The experience you gain in an internship may not perfectly match your major or your chosen career path, but it will give you transferrable skills, a documented work ethic, and a competitive edge. Your internship experience will also expose you to workplace professionalism and how skills and ideas are applied in the real world. We encourage students to gain as much experience as they can at NYIT. Make an appointment with Career Services to get started!

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