Graduate Programs

Listed below are NYIT's more than 50 graduate degree programs and the NYIT locations at which they are offered. Click on the major you are interested in to find out more!

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  • OW = Old Westbury, NY
  • MA = New York City (Manhattan), NY
  • ABU = Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • NAN = Nanjing, China
  • CAN = Vancouver, BC (Canada)
  • Online = NYIT Online



Adolescence Education, M.S. OW
Business Administration, B.S./M.B.A. OW, MA
 -- Accounting  
Business Administration, M.B.A. OW, MA, ABU, CAN
 -- Accounting OW, MA
 -- Decision Sciences OW, MA
 -- Finance OW, MA
 -- General Business/Management OW, MA
 -- Marketing OW, MA
 -- Regular Business Administration ABU
 -- Combined D.O./M.B.A. * OW
Certificate in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling OW, MA
Childhood Education, M.S. OW, MA, Online
 -- Initial Certification OW, MA, Online
 -- Professional Certification OW, MA, Online
 -- Extension to Childhood Education Certification to Grade 7-9 in Middle School Mathematics OW, MA
 -- Extension to Childhood Education Certification to Grade 7-9 in Middle School Science (biology, chemistry, or physics) OW, MA
 -- Extension to Childhood Education Certification to Grade 7-9 in Middle School English/Language Arts OW, MA
Clinical Nutrition, M.S. Online
 -- Clinical Nutrition, M.S.  Online
 -- Combined Osteopathic Medine, D.O. / Clinical Nutrition, M.S. * OW/Online
Communication Arts, M.A. OW, MA
 -- Advertising and Public Relations  OW, MA
 -- Cinema Studies  OW, MA
 -- Electronic and Print Journalism OW, MA
 -- Media Management  OW, MA
 -- Television, Film, and Broadband Production OW, MA
 -- Web Design, Interactive Media, and New Media  OW, MA
Computer Science, M.S. OW, MA
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) OW
Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.S. OW
Energy Management, M.S. OW, Online (some classes may be taken at MA)
 -- Energy Technology, Concentration or Advanced Certificate OW, Online
 -- Environmental Management, Concentration or Advanced Certificate OW, Online
 -- Facilities Management, Concentration or Advanced Certificate OW, Online
 -- Infrastructure Security, Concentration or Advanced Certificate OW
Environmental Technology, M.S. OW, MA
 -- Infrastructure Security concentration OW, MA
 -- Pollution Prevention concentration OW, MA
 -- Waste Management concentration OW, MA
Fine Arts, M.F.A. MA
 -- Art & Technology, M.F.A. MA
 -- Computer Graphics/Animation, M.F.A. MA
 -- Graphic Design, M.F.A. MA
Global Health, Certificate OW
Human Resources Management and Labor Relations, M.S. OW, MA, NAN
 -- Human Resources Management, Advanced Certificate OW, MA
Information, Network, and Computer Security, M.S. OW, MA, CAN
Instructional Technology, M.S. OW, MA, ABU, Online
 -- Educational Technology Specialist option OW, MA, Online
 -- Educator-No Certification option OW, MA, Online
 -- Professional Trainer option OW, MA, Online
Instructional Technology, Certificate Programs OW, MA, Online
 -- Computers in Education OW, MA, Online
 -- Emerging Technologies for Training OW, MA, Online
 -- Instructional Design for Global e-Learning OW, MA, Online
 -- Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)for Educators OW, MA, Online
 -- Student Behavior Management OW, MA, Online
 -- Teaching 21st Century Skills OW, MA, Online
 -- Virtual Education OW, MA, Online
Medical/Health Care Simulation, M.S. OW
Occupational Therapy, M.S. OW
Physician Assistant Studies, M.S. OW
School Counseling, M.S. OW, MA
School Leadership and Technology, Advanced Certificate OW
Urban and Regional Design, M.Arch. MA


* Students applying to these combined programs must be admitted to the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program first.