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Stephen Orlins Discussion featuring Admiral Samuel Locklear

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations President Stephen Orlins moderates a discussion about security in the Asia-Pacific featuring Keynote Speaker Admiral Samuel Locklear, U.S. Pacific Command. Watch the introduction and discussion.

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Feb 10 2016
LI spotlights people of color in whaling history

John Hanc, associate professor, communications arts, NYIT-Old Westbury campus, published a story in the February 7th Sunday Newsday LI Life section, pegged to Black History Month, about the important role African and Native Americans played in the whaling industry that flourished on Long Island in the early 19th century. View the print version

Feb 10 2016
In Defense of Puppets

Anthony DiMatteo, Ph.D., professor of English, NYIT-Old Westbury campus, has a new book of poems, In Defense of Puppets, available through Future Cycle Press.

Jan 29 2016
Amanda Golden Presents at Emory University
Amanda Golden, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, NYIT-OW campus, is giving a talk, "Textbook Greek: Thoby Stephen in Jacob’s Room" about Virginia Woolf’s Greek translations, archives, and literary landscapes on February 12th at Emory University.
Read more at Dr. Golden's website:
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