Request for Proposals - Exploring Learning Spaces

NYIT Smart Classroom Advisory Committee
Request for Proposals for Collaborative/Active Learning Classrooms Designs

The classroom has remained relatively unchanged for the last century, while the advances in information access and sharing, mobile communications and technology offer a wealth of resources for teaching and learning. Accordingly, the classroom concept must evolve to leverage the wealth of resources available for teaching and learning that support the knowledge and skills our students require for their success. To that end, NYIT offers a competitive challenge to our community to create/design a pilot student-centered classroom that supports active, collaborative teaching and learning.

NYIT is looking for innovation in classroom/learning space design that fosters active learning, supports student-centered teaching methods while facilitating increase faculty-student interaction. NYIT is offering a team-based competitive program that encourages collaboration among faculty, student and administrators to propose a collaborative classroom design to be implemented in fall of 2013.

Collaborative Classroom Request For Proposal (DOC)



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