source 2014


SOURCE (Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression), a student-centered platform for NYIT students to showcase their academic excellence, marked its 11th anniversary on April 25, 2014.
April 25th was a nice, sunny day and many NYIT students suited up not only for the weather but also for a very special occasion: the SOURCE 2014.  Students at both the undergraduate and graduate level made presentations in either oral or poster form.  A total of 69 presentations co-authored by 175 students were showcased on the NYIT Manhattan campus.  View the SOURCE photo gallery here:
A group of faculty members from NYIT also shared their point of views on a large topic, the relationship between arts and sciences, in a panel discussion at noon at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway.  The dialogue among the panelists and the audience was full of excitement and debate.  For the first time at SOURCE, questions were addressed to the panel via both Twitter and in person which made the discussion much more dynamic and interesting.  Watch the panel discussion video.

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