Faculty e-Portfolios

Faculty e-Portfolio Software is Changing from Taskstream to Mahara!

As of the 2013-2014 academic year, faculty members will create e-portfolios for all personnel processes using Mahara.

If you have material in TaskStream:

1) Export the files in your TaskStream portfolio.

2) Export the entire TaskStream portfolio (to capture the text on the pages).

Everyone creating a portfolio: 

3) Prepare your documents by converting them to pdf files and compressing them.

4) Download the empty folders for the mahara portfolio. Double-click to unzip the folders.

4) Put your documents in the correct folders.

5) Zip the folders and upload to the Content area of mahara.

(See a 3 minute video demonstrating the process)

6) Link your documents from the Content area to the appropriate places in the portfolio page. PC mac


For assistance, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Please check this page again for additional documentation, which will be available as soon as the Mahara server is operational.



Support and Help for TaskStream

  • Phone Support: 1.800.311.5656, extension 1
  • Email Support: help@taskstream.com
  • Online Help Documents: Access the Help Index or contextual help pages from anywhere within TaskStream.
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