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Graduate Course Descriptions 2013-2014
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Education Pedagogical Core

Name Title Credits School
EDPC-603 Foundations I: Philosophy of Education 3.0 Education
EDPC-605 Curriculum Design and Development 3.0 Education
EDPC-610 Foundations II: Diversity, Learning, and Technology 3.0 Education
EDPC-615 Human Growth, and Development and Learning for Early Childhood, Childhood And Adolescence Education 3.0 Education
EDPC-616 Human Growth, and Development and Learning for Middle Childhood and Adolescence Education 3.0 Education
EDPC-617 Curr Inst Mid Ched 3.0 Education
EDPC-620 Creative Arts in Elementary Education 3.0 Education
EDPC-660 Computers in Education Seminar 3.0 Education
EDPC-661 Independent Study 3.0 Education
EDPC-664 Institute in Education 3.0 Education
EDPC-666 Maintain Matriculation 0.0 Education
EDPC-681 Supervised Student Teaching and Seminar (Childhood) 6.0 Education
EDPC-682 Supervised Student Teaching and Seminar (middle Childhood) 6.0 Education
EDPC-690 Research Methods and Assessment 3.0 Education
EDPC-691 Field Project 3.0 Education