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Every one of NYIT's 50 undergraduate program is outcomes-oriented, preparing students for exciting and in-demand careers. To explore undergraduate majors and careers that relate to them, download What Can I Do With My Major?, a listing of majors linked to potential careers (PDF). To find out more about an NYIT undergraduate program, coursework, and other opportunities, click on the links below.





Advertising, B.S. MA (some classes may be taken at OW)
Architecture, B.Arch. OW, MA
Architectural Technology, A.A.S. or B.S. OW, MA
Biology, B.S. NEW FOR FALL 2014 OW, MA
Business Administration, A.A.S. or B.S. OW, MA, ABU, NAN
 -- Accounting option OW, MA
 -- Finance option OW, MA
 -- Human Resources Management option OW, MA
 -- International Business option OW, MA, NAN
 -- Management option OW, MA, ABU
 -- Marketing option OW, MA
 -- Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship option OW, MA
Business Administration, B.S./M.B.A. (CPA Track) OW, MA
Chemistry, B.S. NEW FOR FALL 2014 OW, MA
Communication Arts, A.A.S. OW, MA
Communication Arts, B.F.A. OW, MA, NAN
 -- Advertising OW, MA
 -- Corporate and Documentary Production OW, MA
 -- Film OW
 -- Print and Electronic Journalism OW, MA
 -- Public Relations OW, MA
 -- Radio OW, MA
 -- Television Production OW, MA
Communication Arts, Combined B.F.A./M.A. OW, MA
Computer Graphics, B.F.A. OW, MA
Computer Science, B.S. OW, MA, NAN
 -- Information Management OW, MA
 -- Network Security OW, MA
Criminal Justice, B.S. OW (some classes may be taken at MA)
Electrical and Computer Engineering, B.S. OW, MA, NAN
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, B.S. MA
Engineering Management, B.S. OW
English, B.A. OW, MA
 -- Technical Writing, Certificate OW, MA
Graphic Design, B.F.A. OW, MA
Health and Wellness, B.S. NEW FOR FALL 2014 OW
Health Sciences, B.S. OW
Hospitality Management, B.P.S. OW, MA
Information Technology, B.S. OW, MA
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A., B.S., or B.P.S. OW, MA
Interior Design, B.F.A. OW, ABU (some classes may be taken at MA)
Life Sciences, B.S.  
 -- Life Sciences, B.S. Biology option OW, MA
 -- Life Sciences, B.S. Biomedical Engineering option OW, MA
 -- Life Sciences, B.S. Biomedical Engineering Technology option OW, MA
 -- Life Sciences, B.S. Chemistry option OW, MA
 -- Life Sciences, B.S. Pre-Medical and Allied Health Professions OW, MA
 -- Life Sciences/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Combined B.S./D.O.
 -- Life Sciences/Masters in Occupational Therapy, Combined B.S./M.S. OW
 -- Life Sciences/Doctor of Physical Therapy, Combined B.S./D.P.T. OW
 -- Life Sciences/Masters in Physician Assistant, Combined B.S./M.S. OW
Mechanical Engineering, B.S. OW
 -- Aerospace Engineering concentration OW
Nursing, B.S. OW
Political Science, B.S. OW
Psychology, B.S. OW (some classes may be taken at MA)
Sociology/Social Work, B.S. OW (some classes may be taken at MA)
Telecommunications Network Management, B.S. MA
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Steavian Sampson
Steavian Sampson Campus: Manhattan
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Class Of: 2014
Sep 27, 2014

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