Nonmatriculated Students: Applying to NYIT

As a nonmatriculated student, you may take a limited number of undergraduate or graduate courses at NYIT without enrolling in a degree, diploma, or certificate program. We offer this opportunity for professional development, personal enrichment, or to help you figure out your next move before making a commitment to a degree program.

Undergraduate students may not take more than 24 credits and graduate students may not take more than nine credits without matriculating. If you wish to take more credits, follow the steps to apply to an NYIT degree program as a first-year, transfer, or graduate student. You will also be able to apply your NYIT credits as a nonmatriculated student to a degree program.

As a nonmatriculated student, you are not eligible for Title IV Federal or New York state financial aid.

How to Apply

Step 1: Complete a Nonmatriculated Student Application

Complete the Application and Registration Form for Nonmatriculated Students.

Step 2: Select Your Course(s)

Use the Search For Classes tool to view which courses are being offered for the semester you are interested in. You will need to identify the course number, course title, and number of credits for each course you would like to take.

Step 3: Meet with a Faculty Advisor

Meet with a faculty advisor in the department offering the course(s) you are planning to take. You will need to bring a copy of your current college transcript. The advisor will need to sign your Application and Registration Form for Nonmatriculated Students.

Step 4: Submit the Application to the Office of Admissions

An admissions counselor will review, sign, and process your application. This can only occur after you have received signatures from the faculty advisor.

Step 5: Submit Your Immunization Forms

New York state law requires each student who is registered for six or more credits to show evidence of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. Complete the forms and submit them to the Office of Wellness Services if you are registering for six or more credits in one semester. This needs to be completed before you can register for courses.

Step 6: Register for Your Course(s)

Bring your application to the Office of the Registrar to register for your selected course(s).

Step 7: Pay Your Tuition Bill

You may pay your tuition in NYITConnect, which you may access through the MyNYIT Portal.

Step 8: Get Your NYIT ID Card

Visit NYIT Security at the Manhattan or Old Westbury campus to get your NYIT ID Card.

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