Life After NYIT

NYIT graduates remain a part of the NYIT community for life, enjoying strong bonds with their campuses, professors, and classmates ... and remain engaged by mentoring current students and hiring NYIT graduates.

When you leave campus, you’ll become part of NYIT’s alumni community, comprising nearly 100,000 professionals around the world. You’ll receive the many benefits of lifelong assistance from NYIT’s Office of Career Services and find yourself always welcome on campus ... to attend an athletic event or global conference ... to mentor current students ... and to lecture or present at our many events.

NYIT Alumni

  • Comprise a powerful network of nearly 100,000 successful professionals across the world
  • Benefit from special NYIT scholarships
  • Are connected via NYIT LinkedIn 
  • Stay friends through many sponsored events that keep alumni in touch
  • Get opportunities via a job posting service and events with lifetime career services
  • Give back by serving as Alumni Mentors and providing financial support to current NYIT students
  • Are eligible for a number of benefits, including significant discounts on graduate tuition and a 20 percent discount at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway
  • Represent success: NYIT alumni work for the most recognized companies in the world -- from financial powerhouses JP Morgan and Citibank to high-tech giants IBM, Microsoft, and Apple Computer to media giants CBS, ABC, and NBC -- and are engaged in breakthrough research and technologies at leading hospitals and research centers. Read about them in NYIT Magazine.
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Ashna Mehra
Ashna Mehra Campus: Old Westbury
Major: B.S./D.O.
Class Of: 2017
Mar 05, 2016

Graduate Open House