Vision and Mission

Our Vision

NYiT’s CAS strives to educate global citizens through programs offered both at our New York based campuses and at NYIT’s global sites.

Our Mission

The CAS is dedicated to providing a quality education through the vital role it plays in the core curriculum, through its engaging and relevant majors and professional programs, and through its leadership role in advancing the intellectual and cultural life at NYIT. 

The core curriculum is the cornerstone of the NYIT student’s education.  This sequence of integrated liberal arts and sciences courses is designed to develop critical thinking and communication, reasoning and quantitative skills, aesthetic perception, historical knowledge, and cultural understanding.  Together, these courses form the foundation of a successful career and, more importantly, of a truly educated person who will be a life long learner.

The CAS integrates technology into both traditional majors as well as innovative and interdisciplinary professional programs.  Each of these majors and programs prepares students for the challenges of a professional environment in an ever changing global society.  

It is our strong belief that the core curriculum will play an increasingly more significant role in the next 10 years as NYIT establishes itself as a true global institution. One of the reasons that US education will still have a great appeal globally is because of its foundation in liberal arts education and philosophy of educating college students to become lifelong learners.

The CAS is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual and cultural experience of NYIT students. The faculty of the College cultivate student involvement in academic research, pre-professional activity, and creative work. 

The CAS also provides leadership in organizing intellectual and cultural events on our campuses.

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College of Arts and Sciences

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Balding House, Room 202
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16 West 61st St.
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701 W. Georgia St., Suite 1700
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c/o NUPT, 66 Xin Mofan Malu
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CERT Technology Park
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