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What are placement tests and who has to take them?

NYIT requires incoming freshman to take Placement Tests in Mathematics and English. To ensure your long-term academic success at NYIT, it is critical that you begin your education at a level that suits your abilities. Placement exams determine your skill in English and mathematics. They are not pass-fail exams. You want to be prepared and review any useful material beforehand. Your performance on the placement exam will determine what course(s) you are eligible to take in your academic major. Placement test results have no effect on your admission to NYIT. They are not traditional numerical grades; they are actual class placements and are only used for this purpose.

  • First-year students must take tests in English, reading, and math
  • Transfer students without transfer credit granted by NYIT for English and mathematics need to take a placement exam
  • International Students must meet certain placement exam requirements

If you have any additional questions about the Placement Tests, or would like to schedule an appointment to take the tests, please contact  the Office of Admissions Placement Test Hotline at 516-686-7444 or at

You are permitted to bring any type of calculator and an English dictionary to the tests.

You may view sample questions for the placement tests.