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What is the difference between computer graphics and graphic design?

Computer Graphics: Computer graphics is an exciting creative profession that has transformed the fields of television, film, animation and the Internet. Computer graphics specialists produce new and traditional media content that reflects the emergence of developing technologies such as universal broadband access. Computer Graphics professionals combine expertise in advanced computer hardware and software with a strong sense of aesthetic vision, creativity and artistic skill.

Graphic design: Graphic design is a creative profession that has become vital to business and media all over the world. Art directors and graphic designers, who must have hands-on abilities in the fine arts—drawing, painting or sculpture—and strong computer expertise, use advanced hardware and software to create advertisements, packaging, promotional materials, Internet projects and other vehicles that allow businesses and manufacturers to visually display their products and services.

NYIT offers coursework in computer graphics, graphic design, and visual arts education that lead to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. Admission is competitive, and fine arts applicants are required to submit portfolios of artwork, which are evaluated for artistic skills, potential and overall presentation. 

For more information, visit the Fine Arts site. Also, learn about other programs offered in the College of Arts and Sciences.