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How do I get to campus from the airport?

For information about what to do when you arrive to the U.S., view our International Admissions Web page.

NYIT does not provide escorts or guides to arriving international students, nor do we provide transportation to campus. When you receive your acceptance materials, you will be told when to arrive for the beginning of classes and when you may move into the residence halls. Do not arrive early, since there will be no accommodations for you.

When your plane lands and you are cleared through customs, if you call 800.247.7433 (800.AIRRIDE) you will receive information about the transportation options from the different airports to your destination. There are also courtesy booths in the airports that allow you to call for limousines and ride-sharing services.

If you are arriving at JFK Airport, you can contact the YMCA International Student Service beforehand. It provides an airport arrival/reception program that can help you with customs, immigration procedures, and temporary accommodations if necessary. The services are free but you must make an appointment in advance. Call 212.727.8800 or write to the YMCA International Student Service at 7 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010; you can also contact the U.S. Embassy in your country.

If you decide to travel to campus on your own, you will probably want to take a taxi. It is important that you find out before you get into the taxi what the driver will charge you. Taxis to the Manhattan campus or to other areas of New York City should cost between $30 and $40. Taxis to the north shore of Nassau County, where the Old Westbury campus is located and where you will likely live if you plan to study on that campus, should cost between $70 and $80; it may be slightly more from Newark Airport.

If you have questions regarding how to get to your new residence hall, please email
For more information about what to do when you get here, view our International Admissions page.
If you have any other questions before arriving to campus, e-mail Barbara Multari, Director of International Education, at or call 516.686.7585.