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Does NYIT have a program in Canada?

NYIT offers a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Vancouver, Canada. This area of Canada is home to business professionals from a number of nations who can benefit from internationally accepted credentials and an orientation toward the global marketplace. The program, offered to students living and working in British Columbia and the nearby U.S. Pacific Northwest, is the same M.B.A. program offered on NYIT's three New York metropolitan area campuses and is taught by NYIT School of Management faculty members. Because all classes in the program are conducted in English, students must be able to both speak and write English, and are required to provide transcripts from fully accredited institutions. Upon completion of the program, students are awarded a New York Institute of Technology degree.

The School of Engineering and Computer Sciences offers a Master of Science in Information, Network, and Computer Security. The M.S.-INCS is a cutting-edge program designed to prepare students for leadership positions in addressing one of the major ongoing issues faced by almost every modern organization. The M.S.-INCS will be ideally suited for graduates of baccalaureate programs in computer science, engineering, operations research, mathematics, and related areas. The program is a two-year program (although particularly strong, well-prepared and hard-working students could complete the requirements more quickly).

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