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Can I take a leave of absence from NYIT?

NYIT does not have a leave of absence status to accommodate students who wish to take time off. Students must withdraw from the college by submitting the Withdrawal From the College Form (PDF) and then be readmitted when they wish to return. Former students will need to follow a procedure for readmission/rematriculation to return to NYIT.

Depending upon the circumstances, the student’s withdrawal date will be recorded as the date the student began the withdrawal process or the date the student notified the college of his/her intent to withdraw. Tuition and financial aid refunds, if any, will be based on the withdrawal date. For an explanation of what happens to financial aid upon withdrawal from the college, please review the withdrawal brochure (PDF).

If a student withdraws with a balance due on his/her account, no transcript, information or employment references will be furnished until the account is cleared.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Solutions Center at 516.686.7878 or e-mail