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How do I apply for a grade of incomplete for a course?

The following policies guide the awarding and calculation of the incomplete grade and the change of the incomplete grade to an IF grade:

  • The student must request additional time to complete a single project, report or final examination;
    The grade of incomplete is to be assigned only to students who are otherwise passing the course at the end of the semester;
  • The instructor has the right to refuse the request and may assign a final grade based solely on the work already completed;
  • The grade of incomplete will change to the failing grade if the outstanding coursework is not completed in accordance with the schedule in effect at the time it was assigned, regardless of the average the student otherwise maintained in the class (see Academic Calendar for dates);
  • A single, short extension of the time period shall be granted only in exceptional circumstances by the Vice President for Academic Affairs;
  • The grade of incomplete will not be assigned to students with excessive absences, especially when those absences include the final sessions of the course, unless extenuating circumstances have been established;
  • The incomplete grade is recorded by the Registrar as “attempted credits,” until the course is complete;
  • The incomplete grade that changes to a failing grade will carry zero quality points;
  • Students can advance if an incomplete grade is assigned to a prerequisite course for the term immediately following the assignment of an incomplete grade but cannot advance after an incomplete grade changes to an IF;
  • When the grade of incomplete is changed to an IF, the I grade shall remain on the record and the transcript so that it will read IF, thereby distinguishing it from the F and the WF grades;
  • Incomplete grades may have an effect on the student’s financial aid and/or student visa status. Students are encouraged to meet with the financial aid and/or international student advisor when requesting the incomplete grade.
  • The grade of PR is used only for developmental courses and intensive English as second language courses for students who have made some progress, but who do not demonstrate satisfactory skills to pass those courses. Students are required to re-enroll in those courses to complete them.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 516.686.7580 or e-mail