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How do I request my transcript?

Students who have NYITConnect username and password can order their transcript online through NYITConnect. Once you are logged in, click on the NYITConnect Students link and access Transcript Ordering and Enrollment Verification. Click on the National Student Clearinghouse link to be redirected to the Clearinghouse site. Follow the instructions on the Clearinghouse site to order your transcript.  

Students who have no NYITConnect username and password can order their transcript by accessing the National Student Clearinghouse site directly. You will be required to mail, fax, or e-mail a signed consent form to the Clearinghouse. 

Other options to order a transcript are:

  • Mail or fax a completed and signed Transcript Request Form (PDF) to the address or fax number of one of the campuses indicated in the form. If you order by e-mail, please send a scanned copy of your completed and signed transcript request form. You can also write an e-mail from your NYIT e-mail account and indicate the information listed in the form. 
  • Order your transcript in person at the Office of the Registrar at the Old Westbury or Manhattan campuses. Complete and sign Transcript Request Form (PDF). 

You can order an official transcript or unofficial one:

  • Official transcripts, ordered for colleges or prospective employers, are signed, impressed with the NYIT's official seal, and placed in a sealed envelope that will be sent directly to the recipient you indicate  
  • Unofficial transcripts, ordered for personal use, are not signed and not impressed with the NYIT's official seal   

Transcript fee is $10.00 each. Express delivery is available if you order your transcript online.
NYIT reserves the right to withhold transcripts and diplomas until all financial obligations including fees, fines, and security deposits to the college have been satisfied.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Solutions Center at 516.686.7878 or e-mail