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Apr 18 2014

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee Honored for Professional and Public Service

Apr 17 2014

Water-Energy Nexus Conference in China Tackles Global Issues

Apr 16 2014

NYIT Celebrates M.B.A. Graduation at JUFE

Apr 10 2014

NYIT Anatomy Professors Awarded NSF Grant for Evolutionary Studies

Apr 04 2014

NYIT Expert to Lecture on Nation’s Physician Shortage and Poverty

Apr 21 2014

“Year of Turkey 2014” Webinar: Video-Conferencing Using Zoom

Apr 21 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation II

Apr 22 2014

Citation Workshop

Apr 22 2014

Citation Workshop

Apr 22 2014

C.H.I. Garden Party


Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Billing

What is Electronic Billing?
Electronic billing enables you to review your NYIT tuition statement online.

Why are paper bills being replaced?
NYIT has decided to implement e-billing to enhance student customer service. It provides both students and parents a fast and efficient way to view their monthly billing statement online. Email and Web based services have become primary ways to communicate on campus and throughout the world. Electronic billing continues this initiative with the Web culture with which students have become accustomed. Students already have the ability to view up to the minute transactions regarding their account by visiting NYITConnect, logging into their student account, and selecting the account summary by term option. Now, with e-billing, anyone the student designates can also have the convenience of viewing the student's monthly billing statement online.

Do I have to be on e-billing?
Yes, NYIT has designated electronic billing as the official means of generating tuition bills. Each time a bill is available, an email will be sent to your official NYIT email address. It will also be sent to a secondary email address, if you have provided one once you have logged into the portal.

How will I know when my bill is available?
Each time a bill is available, an email will be sent to your official NYIT email address.

How do Students view their e-bill?
Students will access their e-bill via NYITConnect. Once on the NYITConnect page, the student will click the "EBills, IRS Forms 1098T, Refunds" link, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Click Here to Access the Student Portal to View EBills, IRS 1098T Forms, Refunds" link.

NOTE: The Student Portal is the same as you have been accessing to receive your tax forms.

 -- If you are a new user:

  • Click on the box Sign in as a New User
  • Enter your Last Name
  • Your payer ID is your student account number and is not your social security number.
  • Your student account number is seven digits. The first digit is always the number zero.
  • Enter your date of birth.

You will be prompted to setup a user ID and password. Follow the instructions to complete your registration. Remember to save your user ID and password so you can get back into the portal to get your student bills, tax records and maintain your profile. A student's NYIT ID, Date of Birth and Password are required. This will link to the secure e-bill web site.

 -- If you are a returning user:

  • Enter the user ID and password you setup to access the system. If you forgot your user name or password, click on the appropriate line to get an email with your requested information.

How can my parents view my e-bill?
Students can designate additional family members (such as parents) access to their billing statement.

  • Once students are logged onto the e-bill Web site, they can select the "my profile" tab and then click the "invite other payer" button.
  • Enter your parents' email addresses.
  • Parents will then receive an email invitation with instructions on how to set up their own individual e-bill-with a Login name and Password.
  • After parents sign up, they will also be notified every time a new billing statement is available.

How do I print a paper copy of my bill?

  • You can print a copy of your e-bill easily using their personal computer. Students may also use the NYIT Computers located around campus.
  • The Print E-bill icon is located in the middle section on the e-bill.
  • For a printer friendly PDF e-bill version, scroll down to the bottom of the e-bill and click "Printable Version of E-bill".

How do I save a copy of my e-bill and send it as an email attachment to my parent?
Your e-bill will be available online for 12 months. However, if you would like to SAVE A COPY onto your computer, follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the e-bill and click Printable Version of E-bill.
  • At the top of the page from your PDF reader program, select "FILE" in the list of menu options, then click "SAVE AS".
  • Click the "SAVE IN" arrow to find the drive or folder on your local machine where you want to save the file, and finally type the new name in the "FILE NAME" box and click "SAVE".

To send as an email attachment:
In your email, select "compose" or "write" an email.

  • In the "TO" box, type the email address of the person to receive the e-bill.
  • Click the icon. Select the drive, folder and file name you saved the e-bill in. Attach the document.
  • Click

If I make a payment, can I view it on my electronic bill immediately?
No, because the electronic bill is a monthly billing statement. Payments made to your account will be reflected on your next electronic bill if you still have an outstanding balance. However, students can verify payments posted in real-time by logging into their student account at NYITConnect, and then selecting the "Account Summary" by term option.

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