Iota Nu Delta Fraternity Inc.


The Royal Bengal Tiger

Primary Colors
Orange & Green

Secondary Colors
Black & White


Rose over Sword

The First South Asian Greek Organization in the World
Notorious NYIT Colony

"Brotherhood Eternal" "Mind, Body, Soul" "Is the Fire in You" "Imitated Never Duplicated"



Established on Monday, February 7th, 1994 by eight men on the campus of Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York, Iota Nu Delta is the first ever South Asian Fraternity in the world. We set the standard as an organization and continue to further our movement in bridging the gaps between people of different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, all while promoting South Asian cultural awareness.

Iota Nu Delta became the First South Asian Greek organization at NYIT’s Old Westbury campus on September 10th, 2008 with the Brothers of Alpha Class. It is a international fraternity recognized on campuses across the nation and still expanding, with over 900+ brothers, with the idea of quality over quantity. Iota Nu Delta, also known as IND, is associat
 ed with many helpful and successful volunteer organizations. SAALT, South Asian Americans Leading Together, is one of many organizations that works closely with the goals of IND to better the community through social services. IND transcends racial barriers and has the best interest of each individual in mind.

Mind, Body, and Soul is the mantra of Iota Nu Delta, as we epitomize each of the three though our dedication to school, social events, and philanthropy.

Iota Nu Delta’s NYIT Colony prides itself in academic prowess and boasts a powerful GPA with many brothers moving onwards to NYITCOM. The Mind is associated with intelligence and academic success. With connections, brothers can receive help from each other regardless of age or location. We all share the same interests and have the best intentions for one another. It is a great opportunity professionally to know people in the field that can give advice and lend a hand when in need, something that you can do for future brothers as well.

The Body is sacred and is treated as a temple. Body is associated with social interaction. School and social aspects are vital to our organization. Iota Nu Delta is widely recognized and growing with eleven chapters and growing. With many events on campus from holding movies to bowling events and even chicken and rice fundraisers, IND has many opportunities to meet new people and have a great time all while fundraising for a good cause.

The Soul is the greatest weapon one has. With ambition and drive, our members continue to strive for the best for themselves and those around them. Soul is associated with philanthropy. Philanthropy is a major aspect of Iota Nu Delta which we aid those in need from blood drives with SAMAR (South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters), raising over $1,500 with St. Judes children’s hospital, Toys for Tots, Alliance for South Asian AIDS (ASAP), Homeless Shelter Sandwich Drive, March Of Dimes – Walk America, IND – Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, Kosovo Relief Effort, September 11th - New York City Relief Fund, SAALT, USO and AKHI for South Asian Women among many other prominent activities. Volunteering is a fun and eventful task when done together with your brothers and closest friends all while accomplishing a good deed and civil duty.

Overall, Iota Nu Delta has many opportunities for everyone involved, from potential brothers to anyone in the community that can reap benefits from our outstanding work ethic and active role in every community. We develop strong leaders with the instilment of values and morals that help create and equilibrium in their mind, body, and soul.


Mission Statement

The Iota Nu Delta Brotherhood is an organization comprised of men of many backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. We are men of integrity and honor who strive to develop the individual in his intellect, his involvement in the community, and in his faith - His Mind, Body, and Soul.

Iota Nu Delta exists because each man should have the opportunity to develop the essential skills to make him a contributing element of this ever changing and diverse society that we coexist in. Iota Nu Delta has paved a path in which many young men of various ethnicities and racial backgrounds pursue not only personal ambitions but provide a challenge to become the leaders of today's world. It is a path which many have desired to follow but where only a diligent few, by displaying an immense amount of SHAKTI (Eternal Strength), crossed the sands of time and experienced the unwavering bond of brotherhood that unites us all, the same three letters that each member holds so close to him.

As each brother pioneers in his respective life, he walks empowered with the assurance that he is only a hands distance away to reaffirm and to strengthen the historic and strong ties of friendship and mutual purpose which exist between he and his brothers.

We endeavor to create leaders among the diverse communities we live in; and we seek dedicated men of high caliber, and strength to carry forth our flame and become part of our family.


E-Board 2013

President: Maulin Patel
Vice-President: Amit Patel
Treasurer: Chris Thomas
Secretary: Jason Manohar

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