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Oct 23 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies Career Panel

Oct 24 2014

One Day Immersion in TV, Cable and Digital Entertainment Collegiate Conference

Oct 27 2014

OUT In The Workplace

Oct 30 2014

STEAM Job & Internship Fair

Nov 04 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

The Alumni Mentor Program has been designed to ease the transition from college to career by matching current NYIT students with experienced professionals.  The Mentors’ role is to inspire, inform, guide, encourage, and support students through these critical transformative years.  The goal is for Mentors and Mentees to form a reciprocal, trusting relationship in order to share industry information, personal experiences, and networking suggestions that can be difficult to find elsewhere. 
Read the mentoring article in the NYIT Alumni Magazine, Summer 2011

What is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a professional who volunteers his or her time to network with NYIT students and provide advice and career insight.  Connecting with a Mentor gives students the chance to ask questions about a major, field or career path, and learn from other people’s experiences.  Mentoring is about making contacts and sharing information - not about asking for a job/internship.
Mentor Goals and Objectives: 
  • Encourage students to become familiar with the world of work outside of the academic environment.
  • Expand upon the students’ leadership and professional networking abilities.
  • Encourage students involvement in internships, part time jobs, and volunteer work in order to gain valuable experience and develop transferable skills in preparation for the transition to the world of work.
  • Help students clarify major/career choices, developing his or her vision for the future.
  • Grant alumni an extended connection to the NYIT network by interacting with students, alumni and NYIT staff.



Mentee Goals and Objectives
  • Become familiar with the world outside of the classroom and campus.
  • Develop into a confident graduate with exceptional leadership, teamwork, creative thinking and interpersonal skills through Mentor coaching and feedback.
  • Obtain your Mentor’s opinion on your academic progress, course work, research and post-graduate education.
  • Provide a means for you to better understand and confirm your chosen degree.
  • See networking skills in action or through other opportunities provided by your Mentor.
  • Get support finding internships, co-ops or part-time job opportunities.
  • Become equipped with the insight and tools to make informed and ethical career decisions.
  • Receive advice and encouragement on personal growth and development.


*only current NYIT students are eligible to be mentees

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