Dress for Success

First impressions are important, and there are some things to keep in mind when choosing what you will wear to your interview. Following are some suggestions on what to wear for women and men:

  • Matching dress blouse with conservative neckline
  • Matching closed-toe dress shoes with a moderate heel, scuff-free and polished
  • Neutral or skin-toned hosiery (no patterns)
  • If hair is shoulder length or longer, it should be neatly pulled back 
  • If hair is colored, make sure roots are not showing
  • Dress watch and minimal, conservative jewelry
  • Keep make-up light, fresh and natural
  • Keep nails, neat, clean, and use a conservative-colored fingernail polish (no chipped nails) 
  • Your First Wardrobe: useful tips for women
  • Dark-colored wool suit that is properly fitted and buttoned (the jacket should match the pants)
  • Pressed white or ivory long-sleeve shirt
  • Matching dark dress shoes polished and buffed
  • Dark dress socks
  • Dress watch and nice belt that matches shoes
  • Conservative tie (no loud colors or patterns)
  • No jewelry other than wedding ring or class ring
  • No facial hair or long sideburns
  • Keep nails, neat, clean, and well-trimmed
  • Your First Wardrobe: useful tips for men
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