Give Back, Gain More

Volunteer work shows your commitment to public service and improving local communities. It’s a great way to demonstrate your professional experience and leadership to future employers. You’ll also build a network of contacts that will serve as resources for new career opportunities.

Making a Difference

Find volunteer opportunities through NYIT’s Career Net. Although, as a volunteer, you’ll receive no compensation or academic credit, the personal rewards are many. You will also be adding valuable professional experiences to your resume that will impress employers.

Working as a volunteer helps you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to community service and global responsibility.
  • Build a professional network that provides new career opportunities.
  • Learn to listen and respond to the needs of different communities.
  • Advance the cause of social justice and empower neighborhoods.
  • Serve as an NYIT ambassador to the world.

Community Service Programs

  • Campus Conversations—communicate with NYIT faculty and staff as you explore ways of addressing global issues.
  • Chat Partners Program—help international NYIT students assimilate into American culture and improve their English language skills.
  • Take Action Series—work with legislators to advance positive change.
  • Voter Registration—assist the NYIT community with their voter registration and placing absentee ballots.

Consultants for the Public Good

Work on community-based projects at non-profit organizations and government agencies and use your expertise and skills to solve public problems.

As a consultant, you may find yourself working alone or in groups on projects that can last anywhere from a day to a year. All consulting work is done on a pro bono basis. If you are Federal Work Study eligible, you may earn your work-study award for consulting work done with participating community partners.

The Consultants for the Public Good program was developed to:

  • Promote non-profit community work as a valuable option for professional and personal development.
  • Provide short-term project-based volunteer opportunities—some taking no more than a few hours—so that everyone has a chance to participate, regardless of their schedule or home and school commitments.
  • Offer practical, hands-on learning experiences to international students not yet eligible for internships, providing opportunities for building resumes and practicing skills, while learning about the function of non-governmental organizations and the social issues facing our surrounding community.
  • Help foster the critical thinking and civic skills required to understand the complexities of public issues, and the confidence and practical experience necessary to make change happen on the community level.

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