NYIT-Shanghai, an office of NYIT Career Services and Alumni Relations, was established in 2015 to help the university’s nearly 3,000 China-based alumni and more than 1,000 students with career and networking opportunities. In addition, the NYIT staff in Shanghai support the research and exchange activities of NYIT faculty and students in China and throughout the world.

NYIT began educating students in China in the late 1990s, and it later established one of the first American undergraduate campuses in China. Many NYIT graduates living in China are highly successful corporate and cultural leaders. The Shanghai office exemplifies NYIT’s commitment to bringing American-style higher education to China as well as boosting opportunities for all its current students and graduates.

Beyond NYIT alumni and students who are currently living in China, NYIT in the United States is home to several hundred Chinese students. NYIT faculty members are active in research exchanges and conference presentations with counterparts in China and elsewhere in Asia.


NYIT alumni have the chance to support each other and expand their connections through social networks and live events. In addition to personal relationships with fellow alumni, all NYIT alumni enjoy lifetime support from NYIT Career Services.

Career Services

The NYIT-Shanghai Office of Career Services prepares students for the world of work by offering the following services and opportunities:

  • Personal career advising
  • Training in resume-writing and interview skills
  • Enhanced internship and employment opportunities through partnerships with local and international companies
  • Graduate school preparation and advising
  • Industry-specific workshops and panel presentations
  • Career-oriented field trips to companies
  • Networking events for students, alumni, and industry professionals
  • Active employer databases for career service outreach

Contact Us

NYIT Shanghai Office
No. 789 Zhaojiabang Road
19E, Junyao International Plaza
Shanghai, P. R. China 200032

Lei "Tony" Tong
Associate Director of Career Services and Alumni Relations

Wei Yan "Daisy" Dai
Office Manager, Global Career Services

Lynn Zheng
Director, Business & Operations, Human Resources