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Nutrition Science

  • Note: The B.S. in Nutrition Science has been phased out but we are still offering the following courses as part of our BS Health and Wellness, BS Health Sciences, Minor in Health Sciences and as electives for all interested:

NTSI 101:  Food Science Lecture (3 credits) The structure and physical properties of foods are examined with respect to nutrient content and distribution in the food supply. The effects of agricultural methods, market handling, processing and home preparation on nutrient quality are considered. The interactions of food components in food preparation and processing methods are discussed and factors that influence food taste, texture and appearance and nutritive value, are explored. Offered online during Spring semester

NTSI 201: Introduction to Clinical Nutrition Practice (3 credits) This course is intended to introduce students to nutrition practice. Students develop knowledge and skill in clinical and dietary assessment methodologies and develop facility with medical terminology and practices. Beginning with current nutritional therapies, students construct dietary intervention protocols using whole foods to meet the dietary prescription and discuss implementation of these protocols in diverse cultural groups and within confines of institutional food service systems. Attention will be placed on development of dietary practices to prevent and/or ameliorate disease. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer online and Fall and Spring in face to face format.

NTSI 360: Lifestyle and Weight Management (3 credits) This course includes epidemiologic trends in weight management, physiological and environmental influences on weight and the effect of weight on chronic disease. Various approaches to weight management are explored with an emphasis on lifestyle modification for improving health across the lifespan. Fad diets, supplements, drug regimens and surgical intervention are reviewed. The prevention, early detection, and treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder are investigated.

Prerequisite Course(s): NTSI-201 or BIOL-103 or BIOL-260

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