Graduating with Honors

Degrees with Distinction

A graduating undergraduate student who has achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 receives the baccalaurate degree summa cum laude; at least 3.5 magna cum laude; and at least 3.2, cum laude.  A graduating graduate student who has achieved a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA will graduate with distinction.  Undergraduate and graduate certificate students and associate degrees are not eligible for honors.  These distinctions are noted on students' diplomas as well as on their transcripts.

Students must complete 55 percent of all coursework at NYIT.  If 55 percent of the work was not taken at NYIT, grades for only those courses accepted as transfer credits from previous colleges will be computed into cumulative GPA.  Students must first receive at least a 3.2 GPA at NYIT before transfer credits are included  in the cumulative average. Fifty-five percent of all college course grades must be in the form of letter grades from either NYIT or a former college.  Students who do not have at least 55 percent of their credits in courses for which letter grades have been given are not considered for honors.

Honor Cords

Students graduating cum laude (at least 3.2 grade point average), magna cum laude (at least 3.5 grade point average) or summa cum laude (at least a 3.7 grade point average) are asked to rise as a group during the main ceremony to be recognized.  In addition, students graduating with honors can purchase a silver honor cord signifying they are graduating with honors. The price of the silver honor cord is $13.00 and can be purchased in the bookstore in May.

Golden Key International Honor Society

Members wear a golden rope that can be picked up on the day you pick up your tickets.  Only students who join this society are eligible.

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