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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to an Information Session?

The information sessions help applicants become well aware of the program expectations and the cohort model.  By taking advantage of this opportunity, you also decide if the NYIT school counseling program is a good match for you and if you should proceed with the application process.

What would an 'ideal' student's application look like that would be accepted into the School Counseling program? 

First, it is important to meet all of the deadlines and make sure your packet is complete to ensure that a decision can be made in a timely manner. Carefully review the guidelines for the department portfolio.  Make sure your fully developed goal statement is not the same as in the paragraph requested on the NYIT graduate application.

What kind of a student does your department look for?   

We look for a social justice mindset and leadership potential in addition to possessing a solid academic background, and good writing and communication skills.

About how many applications for the fall semester does the department receive? 

Approximately 75-80.  

And what is the acceptance rate?   

Approximately 60%      

We admit 1 cohort annually with approximately 15 to 18 students enrolled on the Old Westbury campus and a similar number at the Manhattan campus.

When can I start?

Applicants are traditionally admitted for the fall semester and follow a cohort model. 

How long does it take to complete the masters degree?

NYIT students enroll in 6 credits each semester.  The program takes 8 semesters and just under 3 years to complete. Summer session courses (6 credits) are required after the 1st and 2nd years.

Is Financial Aid available?

Once you are accepted, you should immediately make a appointment to meet with a financial aid advisor and complete the FASFA and other required forms. 

Can I take courses on either campus?

Yes, you will declare a campus for graduation purposes; however, many students take courses occasionally on either campus.

When will I start to spend time in a school understanding the work of the school counselor?

You will have field experience assignments in each course starting your first semester. You will also enroll in a 100 hour practicum in your second year, which will prepare you for your 600 hour internship during your last year (300 hours in the fall semester and 300 hours in the spring semester.

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