Preparing Your Department Portfolio
  1. As a candidate for admissions to the Masters of Science in School Counseling program at NYIT, you will need to submit the following items that will help us to get to know you better:

    1. Goal Statement

      In 250 words or less, address the following:

      • Describe how your career path has led you to the school counseling profession?
      • What excites you about working as a school counselor?
    2. Three Reference Forms

      Submit three reference forms (form available herewhich attest to your ability to succeed academically as a student as well as in a profession which requires leadership, social justice advocacy skills, and a strong ability to collaborate. References can directly submit their completed forms to us via email/fax/mail (see below for contact info.) If you would like to submit your materials in one packet, please have your references sign and seal the completed form in an envelope prior to returning it to you. 

    3. Candidate Statement of Understanding 

  2.               Read the statement here carefully and sign it.


  4. Submit all department portfolio materials to:

  5. New York Institute of Technology
  6. School Counseling Department
  7. Attn: Erin Fabian
    26 West 61st Street, Room 205
  8. New York, NY 10023
  10. By email:
  12. By fax: 646-273-6125
  15. Your file will be complete when your application, official transcripts, and all portfolio materials have been received. Once complete, your file will be reviewed by the school counseling department, and you will be contacted if you are selected for an interview.
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