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Certification Directions - Leadership

How to Apply for NYSED School Building Leader and Educational Technology Specialist Certification

  1. Please visit the following link for updated information about the SBL Exam:
  2. Apply for NYIT graduation at NYIT Connect.
    • Official graduation dates are May 31, August 31, and December 31.
  3. Apply for Educational Technology Specialist Certification through Institutional Pathway at NYSED TEACH
    • The program code for Educational Technology Specialist is 27783 and for initial School Building Leader is 28947
    • Pay the fees for each certification.
  4. Send an e-mail to or call me at 516-686-7492, with your Social Security number.
    • I will submit an Institutional Recommendation verifying that you completed NYIT’s approved program that leads to the Ed Tech Specialist and the School Building leader certification.
    • Include number of years teaching.
    • The School Building Leader is initial certification To be eligible for the professional certification you must complete School District Leader program requirements, or have three (3) years experience as a building level administrator.
    • The Educational Technology Specialist is professional certification if you have three (3) years classroom teaching experience.
    • The recommendation is a series of radial buttons and drop boxes.
    • I cannot submit individualized letters of special circumstances.
  5. Both the Ed Tech Specialist and the School Building leader certification require a Content Specialty Test. You can register for the Content Specialty Test at
    • The schedule and fees are listed at this site.
    • List NYIT School of Education for receiving a copy of your scores.

Please Note: If you face problems with any of these steps during the application process for the Ed Tech Specialist Certification and/or professional certification in your initial area of certification, send an email to with a complete description of the issue.

Congratulations and Good luck!

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