Internship Policies and Procedures for Current MSIT Trainer Students

The faculty of the MSIT Trainer Program strongly encourages and supports an internship experience through independent study (EDTR 696) for students preparing for careers in the training field. Trainer internships will be carefully arranged and monitored to provide students a valuable learning experience.

The trainer internship program is designed to:

  • Offer trainer students an opportunity to practice their skills in instructional design, training, and designing training modules under professional supervision in a real-world environment. 
  • Allow students to gain professional experience and earn academic credit (EDTR 696).
  • Encourage students to build-up professional portfolio for future job interviews.


In order to be considered for an internship, the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must use the course number EDTR 696 (Independent Study) for an internship.
  2. The student must complete at least 12 credits of trainer program courses and a GPA of at least 3.0 before register for EDTR 696.
  3. The student must have the approval from the academic advisor and from the program chair in the semester immediately prior to registering for the internship.  The student should submit a brief proposal to the advisor or the program chair to provide the following information: (1) name, address, phone number of the host organization, (2) the name, title and contact information of the supervisor at the host organization, (3) a detailed description of the responsibilities of the student, (4) a letter provided by the host organization to confirm the internship opportunity. Once this documentation has been provided and the advisor or the program chair approves the proposal, the student will be allowed to register for EDTR 696. Students should NOT register for EDTR 696 without permission from their advisor or program chair. 


  1. Students planning to take an internship should contact the advisor and the program chair (Dr. Sarah McPherson, 516.686.1053) one semester in advance to discuss internship opportunities. If the student has initiated contact with a host organization for the internship, he/she will need to inform the advisor and the program chair in order to receive the approval for getting the academic credits (see Requirement Step 3).
  2. Students will be advised to contact NYIT Career Services Amy Bravo (, 212.261.1538) for further exploration of internship opportunities and explanation of internship procedures.
  3. The advisor will contact the internship supervisor of the host organization to review the policies and procedures, and discuss the general projects and expectations in order to guide the interns throughout the experience.
  4. Career Service will confirm the internship opportunity with the host organizations and layout the responsibilities and benefits. Program faculty supervising the internship or Career Services will visit new internship prior to the approval. 
  5. Students will complete the Internship Learning Agreement and provide a copy to the advisor, host organization supervisor, and NYIT Career Services.
  6. A minimum of 112 clock hours of service per semester permits the student to earn 3 credits.
  7. Student compensation (not required) may be negotiated between the intern and the host organizations. 
  8. Students must submit a weekly report of the internship activities to his/her advisor. Each report must be signed by the supervisor at the host organization and the advisor. A two-page summary report should be submitted as a final assignment for the internship. A student will not receive a grade until all weekly and final reports are submitted and reviewed by the professor in charge of the internship, and/or advisor or program chair.
  9. Midway through the Internship, the advisor or program chair and Career Services will communicate with the host organization to make certain that the program is benefitng both the students and the organization.
  10. The advisor will assess students’ performance and recommend a grade. The supervisor of the host organizations will be required to submit an evaluation form which will be considered in assessing students’ performance.
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