Advisors and Partners

Advisory Board

Mr. William J. Bannon '85, Managing Director, GSS (Global Securities Services), Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Mr. Nicholas Bartilucci, Chairman, db| Dvirka and  Consulting Engineers

Mr. Tom Bianculli, Senior Director, Emerging Business CTO, Motorola Solutions Inc.

Mr. Steven D. Campolo '83, VP-Codes, Standards and Compliance, Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Mr. Eric B. Cole '93, '94, Chief Technology Officer, InZero Systems, Inc.

Mark Combs, Distinguished VP, CA Technologies

Mr. Peter Curtis, '83, '95, President, Power Management Concepts, LLC

Mr. Steve DeCarlo, Manager of Energy Services, Maser Consulting P.A.

Mr. Peter Ferentinos, CEO, Qualco

Dr. Patricia D. Galloway '84, Chief Executive Officer, Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc.

Mr. Larry Karantzios, Senior Pre-Sales Systems Engineer, Fortinet

Mr. Mark Hanny, Vice President Global Alliances, IBM

Mitchell Maiman, President Intelligent, Product Solutions

Ms. Jennifer T. Naylor, Senior Consultant, Mottspoint Consulting

Mr. Walter A. Poggi '67, '69, President Retliff, Testing Laboratory

Mr. Neil Petchers, President, Noresco

Dr. Gustavo de los Reyes, Exec. Dir., Security Research Center, AT & T Services, Inc.

Dr. Gabriel Silberman, Executive Director, Dell Research, Dell Inc.

Connie Smallwood, Vice President, Innovation and University Programs, CA Technologies

Mr. William Zucker VP Digital Evolution, Capacity & Performance Program VP, Wireless Division Alcatel-Lucent

Thomas Van Laan PE former CEO, CEO, COADE Inc. 

Companies and Organizations supporting the ETIC


AT & T Services, Inc.

Automated Logic Co.

CA Technologies

Defense Photonics Group

Dell Inc.

Dvirka and Consulting Engineers

EMD - ElectroMotive Design LLC

EmPower Solar

Energy Management and Research Associates

Energy Solutions Performance

Gavosto Associates – Architects and Construction Managers

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Hutt Systems Software Development


Industrial + Technology Assistance Co. (ITAC)

Intelligent, Product Solutions

InZero Systems, Inc.

Johnson Controls

Juniper Networks

Kerns Manufacturing Co.

Letse, LLC

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Lopes Consulting Services, Inc.

Maser Consulting P.A.

MDS Property Management Software

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Mottspoint Consulting


Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.

Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc.

Power Management Concepts, LLC


Retliff Testing Laboratory

Shapiro Engineering

South Bronx Economic Development Co. (SOBRO)

Spellman – High Voltage Electronics Co.

Sustainable South Bronx

Thompson Reuters, Mobility Team

UL Verification Services Inc.

Ultravolt Inc.