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Apr 02 2015

All Majors Job & Internship Fair

Apr 02 2015

2nd Annual Alumni Employer Recognition Photo at All Majors Job and Internship Fair

Apr 09 2015

Job Fair Boot Camp - Session 4: Getting a Job from the Job Fair!

Apr 09 2015

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Apr 27 2015

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Community Partners

Service-learning provides students with off-campus "classrooms" to apply their academic learning while providing them the opportunity for civic engagement. They can use their academic knowledge and professional skills to serve the common good while working to solve public problems.

Benefits for Community Partners

  • Gain short-term volunteers to meet an organization's needs
  • Find potential long-term volunteers or new employee recruits
  • Increase awareness of your organization's services and needs
  • Heighten awareness of social issues
  • Promote appreciation of civic engagement with a new generation of students
  • Enhance your organization's relationship with the college, and participate in the educational process

Service-Learning site supervisors

  • Provide a safe environment in which service-learning students can work and
  • Orient students to the organization -- its mission, operation, history, and role in the community
  • Introduce students to appropriate staff
  • Provide training as necessary
  • Complete Learning Agreement with students
  • Assign students meaningful work
  • Provide students with adequate supervision
  • Engage students in discussion relevant to organization's mission and the wider social implications thereof (e.g., a site supervisor of a student working in a public defender's office might decide, over a coffee break, to discuss capital punishment because of its immediate relevance to a case and its current interest as a social issue.)
  • Challenge students to work, think, and learn in new ways
  • Assure ethical practices and conduct for students
  • Evaluate students' performance for use in faculty assessment of students' learning

Resources for Community Partners


Application for Community Partners (PDF)

Contact us

For program assistance, contact Amy Bravo at (Manhattan Campus), or Adrienne McNally at (Old Westbury Campus).