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Dec 02 2015

Free Webinar: The Power of Personal Branding with Coyte Cooper

Dec 09 2015

Free Webinar: Get the Job You Want with Mitch Matthews

Dec 16 2015

Free Webinar: How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci with Michael Geib

Dec 23 2015

Free Webinar: What Color is Your Parachute? with John E. Nelson

Mar 10 2016

3rd Annual Alumni Employer Recognition Photo at All Majors Job and Internship Fair

Consultants for the Public Good

NYIT Consultants for the Public Good

We invite you to join this collegial and collaborative multi-disciplinary project comprised of NYIT students, alumni, faculty, and staff that provide a broad range of expertise through consultative services to nonprofits, public sectors, and corporations committed to serving the public good.

OPENING EVENT: Tuesday, Sept. 17, 5-8 p.m. in Manhattan (16 W. 61st St., 11th Floor Auditorium) and Old Westbury (Salten Hall, room 3). Download a brochure (PDF) to view participating nonprofit organizations.

About the program

NYIT Consultants for the Public Good is a Career Services initiative and conceived by NYIT students who participated in a domestic Alternative Break Program in June 2013. The group, made up of various disciplines from our Long Island and Manhattan campuses, lived and served in New York City for one week. This positive student experience spurred interest in creating an ongoing consulting project that will encourage students to get involved with community organizations. The students believe that working with a group of interdisciplinary peers on a project that serves a public good, while developing valuable job skills, will appeal to a large number of students. Career Services agreed and NYIT Consultants for the Public Good was born.

How it Works

Community clients submit a project. Students and alumni apply to the program. Faculty members sign up to serve as senior consultants. All parties are invited to an opening presentation where community clients pitch their projects to consultants. Consultants identify the project they feel best suited for and then meet with the client. Consultants provide the client with a resume and the client has one week to select a team. Senior consultants introduce themselves and provide teams a synopsis of their areas of expertise and core strengths that could assist the teams in their projects. They also provide contact information to program participants.
Once teams are selected, a lead consultant is identified for each team and the project begins. Teams are given a timeframe to complete the project (from 1-15 weeks). A project form must be completed and submitted to Career Services within the first week of beginning a project. Each project concludes with the submission of a written report documenting the project deliverables as identified by the client, and a formal presentation. A copy of the report must be submitted to Career Services. Consulting teams and community clients will be required to complete a program evaluation. At the end of the term, all groups will present their project presentations and reports to an audience of community clients, senior consultants, and NYIT community members. Senior consultants will choose the best proposals.


NYIT Consultants

An an admitted NYIT student or a member of NYIT alumni is welcome to serve as a consultant on a project and must be:
  • Open to the use of technology as a communication tool
  • Committed to active involvement for duration of consultancy (1-15 weeks; 1-5 hrs per week)
  • Open to the possibility to serving with the client offsite, should the work dictate it
  • Resume approved in Career Net with an updated profile at the beginning and end of the project
  • Open to working as part of a consulting team which may consist of 1-6 people
Lead Consultants are chosen by the team and are responsible for project coordination, ensuring all project requirements are delivered on time and serve when necessary as the lead point of contact with the community client, senior consultants, and Career Services.
Interested? Complete the Consultant Application today!

Senior Consultants/Faculty Advisors

Faculty, staff or alumni with established areas of expertise serve as part of a board of senior consultants and assist consulting teams with advice, instruction, assessment, and feedback over the course of the semester in which the projects take place. Note that alumni are welcome to serve as senior consultants.
Senior consultants must:
  • Commit to an entire semester in which the projects take place
  • Be available on a regular schedule (designated and agreed upon by you and the teams) for advice, instruction and feedback either/or in-person, by phone, email, Skype or another communication outlet (Blackboard, Twitter, Google group, Facebook, etc.). (~1-2 hrs/wk time commitment for 1 semester, in person or over the phone)
  • Attend at least two events, one at the beginning of the term (Client pitches) and again at the end of the term (Presentations to Clients)
  • Represent NYIT schools and colleges. Preferably one senior consultant per school or college will participate to represent the breadth of disciplines offered at NYIT.

Community Clients

NYIT Consultants for the Public Good support area non-profits, government organizations, and NGO’s doing work to improve the local and/or global communities. Corporations seeking to strengthen their philanthropic efforts and community relationships may also apply. Our consultants work in teams to examine and evaluate our clients’ community based needs. They then outline potential solutions in a formal proposal that once implemented, will advance the client organization’s program goals. All work is provided pro bono.
Community clients must develop and present a project that:
  • Has clear objectives
  • Has realistic and specific deliverables
  • Offers open communication and mentorship from organizational staff
  • Has a designated project point person
  • Has a clear start and end date. No less than one week and no more than 15 weeks
  • Concludes with a presentation and a formal report from the consultants
  • Can be evaluated by the organization

Project Commitment form (PDF)