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Jan 20 2015

NYIT Selected to Participate in Epicenter’s Pathways to Innovation Program

Jan 13 2015

NYIT Ranks Among 2015 U.S. News Best Online Programs

Dec 23 2014

Architecture and Medical Students Launch Global Competition for Healthy Designs

Dec 18 2014

BBC to Feature Home2(O) Project in News Segment

Dec 12 2014

NYIT Wins Grant to Develop STEM Programs

Feb 09 2016

Business Fashion Challenge Kick-off

Feb 09 2016

Old Westbury Study Abroad Fair

Feb 10 2016

Manhattan Study Abroad Fair

Feb 10 2016

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Feb 10 2016

Using the Avery Index to Architecture Periodicals

Applying for Financial Aid

In order to be considered for financial assistance, all students (except international students) must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you would like an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid, please visit FAFSA Forecaster. You must file a new FAFSA every year; forms are available in January. You will be asked to enter NYIT's federal Title IV school code, which is 002782.

Full-time New York state residents may be eligible to apply for grant money such as TAP (Tuition Assistance Program).

  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled full time (12 credits) to receive TAP funds. NYIT's undergraduate TAP school code is 2120.

  • Graduate students must take at least 12 credits per semester to receive TAP funds. NYIT's graduate student TAP school code is 5455.

General Eligibility

Your eligibility for assistance is based on two factors: the cost of attending New York Institute of Technology and your family’s ability to pay.

  • Cost is an estimate of the full expense associated with attending NYIT for the academic year, not merely the amount of the NYIT bill.  NYIT does not directly bill for some of the costs.  Included in our cost estimate are average tuition, fee, and book charges, and allowances for transportation and personal expenses.  For local students commuting from home, the estimate also includes a commuter allowance; other students will have a room and board allowance added to the cost estimate. You can find current information on tuition and related charges from the NYIT Bursar’s Office.
  • Family ability to pay is determined by a formula supplied by the U.S. Congress, and is based on information from the FAFSA.  The results are forwarded to the schools you listed on the FAFSA to determine aid eligibility. If you are curious about how your family contribution was calculated, you can utilize the calculators on Finaid: The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid.

If the family ability to pay is lower than the cost, the difference is the student’s aid eligibility for need-based programs. The philosophy of the federal need-based aid programs is that the family has the primary responsibility, to the extent that they are able, to contribute to the cost of attending college.

Please note that your financial aid package and eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid may be impacted and/or revised if any of the following situations apply to you:
  1. If you are pursuing an undergraduate level program of study but are registered for graduate level courses;
  2. If you are pursuing a graduate level program but are registered for undergraduate level courses (unless these courses have been approved by your academic advisor as preparatory coursework and the Office of Financial Aid has been notified).
If you need further information about your eligibility, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Requirements for Need-Based Financial Aid

Please note that for financial aid purposes, enrollment does not include audit or noncredit course work or courses for which you have already received credit.
For federal and state financial aid programs, a recipient must be:

  • a high school graduate or hold a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).
  • enrolled at NYIT in a program leading to a degree.
  • a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • not in default on any government loan and not owing a refund on any previously received federal grant or loan.
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