Art & Technology

The Art & Technology MFA Track prepares graduates to pursue self-directed creative research in any related concentration such as digital imaging, experimental media, digital sculpture, performance art, installation art, physical computing, time-based art, robotics, Web based information art, and/or any approach to the creation of artistic content outside static disciplines.  

This creative research will result in the actualization of innovative digital art projects after exhaustive preparation throughout the standard professional workflow of concept development, logistical planning, technical development and final production of the digital art thesis project.  

Graduate courses, group discussion, critiques and consultation with thesis advisors emphasize critical thinking, development of aesthetic concepts, historical perspectives of art theory, philosophical questions relative to creation and context of image-making, content as end experience as well as product, fine arts application of computer technologies/digital media, and preparation to function professionally as well as socially within the Art World structure of galleries, museums, dealers, curators, art critics, etc.  

Thesis art projects will be presented in a professional thesis exhibition including photographic documentation in a thesis book complete with written critical evaluation of the thesis project.   Graduates will also be expected to make a successful oral defense of their final thesis to thesis advisors.

Curriculum requirements for the MFA in Art and Technology (NYIT Catalog)

Please Note: Students who have completed the NYIT – Master of Arts in Communication Arts degree may use those credits towards the NYIT MFA degree, but will need to take a minimum of 30 MFA credits to earn the MFA degree. Students who were matriculated in the NYIT – Master of Arts in Communication Arts degree program may utilize more than 9 credits toward the MFA degree with permission of the MFA program director.