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Sep 11 2014

NYIT Medical Researcher Wins NIH Grant for Cardiac Studies

Sep 09 2014

NYIT Ranked in Top Tier of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2015 Edition

Aug 27 2014

NYIT Architecture Professor Helps Illuminate Burning Man Festival

Aug 26 2014

PA Grads Attain High Pass Rate on National Exam

Aug 19 2014

NYIT Cybersecurity Conference 2014

Sep 15 2014

Library Tour, Manhattan

Sep 15 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation II

Sep 15 2014

2014 NYIT Medical and Health Professions Student Convocation Ceremony

Sep 16 2014

A Conversation with the Provost for Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Sep 16 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Study in Nanjing, China

Spend Your Fall 2014 Semester in China! 

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

How the Program Works

For less than the cost of your tuition at NYIT in New York, you can now spend a semester in Nanjing, the capital of the Jiangsu Province, on the world-famous Yangtze River in eastern China. Take the same classes you would in New York but experience Nanjing:

  • Take a full semester's worth of courses with other NYIT students from Nanjing and New York. Learn Mandarin Chinese as you deepen your understanding of one the world's most important cultures.
  • The Fall 2014 semester begins at the end of August and ends in mid-December, just ebfore the Christmas holiday.
  • One program fee includes tuition in Nanjing, plus full accommodations, a meal allowance, cultural program, and roundtrip airfare to and from Nanjing.
  • Experience an exciting cultural program that may include a weekend in Shanghai and visits to local historical and cultural sites such as the mausoleum of Sun Yat Sen, the father of the Chinese revolution, and to Confucius Temple.
  • Live in a fully furnished apartment with other exchange students. Each apartment has two bedrooms (each with desks and a closet); a living room-dining room; kitchen with stove, refrigerator, sink, and water cooler; a bathroom with Western-style toilet, shower, sink, and hot water heater; and a heating and air conditioning unit.
  • Accommodations are just a 15-minute walk from the campus classrooms and 20-minute walk to the subway to downtown Nanjing. There is also a free shuttle bus to the downtown Nanjing NUPT campus.
  • Shops, movie theaters, fast food, pharmacies and restaurants within walking distance from your campus.
  • There are sports facilities close by, including a weight-lifting gym, basketball and tennis courts, martial arts mat rooms, indoor basketball, dance rooms, running track, and more.
  • And, we'll be there to meet you at the airport when you arrive!


The cost for the Fall 2014 Semester at Nanjing program:

  • Fall 2014 NY tuition rate
  • HTH Worldwide global program's student health insurance 

The program cost covers tuition (12-17 credits), roundtrip economy airfare, full accommodations, meal allowance, and a cultural program.

Tentative Fall Courses

Core Curriculum:
FCWR 111Writing I: Foundations of College Composition for International Students (3 credits)
FCSP 105Speech (3 credits)
FCIQ 101 – Foundations of Inquiry (3 credits)
FCSC 101 – Foundations of Scientific Process (3 credits)
FCWR 303 Communication for Arts and Design (3 credits)
FCWR 304 Communication for Technical Professions (3 credits)
ICPH 301 ­ Philosophy and Ethics Core (3 credits)
ICLT 3XX/LITR 440 Multicultural Literature (3 credits)
ICSS 309 Technology and Global Issues (3 credits)
ICSS 3XX – Social Science Seminar (3 credits)
CHIN 101- Elementary Chinese (3 credits)
PHYS 115 Humanity and the Physical Universe (3 credits)
Communication Arts (CA):
COMM 101 – Communication: Principles and Process (3 credits)
FILM 101Fundamentals of Film Production (3 credits)
DGIM 101Introduction to Digital Imaging (3 credits)
COMM 240 –Writing for the Mass Media (3 credits)
PREL 101 Public Relations and Publicity I (3 credits)
TEVE 201 – Television Production Workshop (3 credits)
COMM 301: Communication Law (3 credits)
COMM 401 – Mass Communication in Society (3 credits)
TEVE 301 – Television Project Development (3 credits)
Electrical and Computing Engineering Courses (ECE):
EENG 125 Fundamentals of Digital Logic (3 credits)
EENG 212 Electrical Circuits I and Engineering Tools (4 credits)
EENG 310 Electronic Circuit Applications (3 credits)
EENG 320 Control Systems (3 credits)
EENG 341 Signals and Systems (3 credits)
MENG 211 – Engineering Mechanics I (Statics) (3 credits)
EENG 480: Communication Network Design (3 Credits)
EENG 315 Electronics Laboratory II (1 credit)
EENG 403 Electronics Laboratory IV (1 credit)
Computer Science Courses (CS) :
CSCI 125 Computer Programming I (3 credits)
CSCI 155 Computer Organization and Architecture (3 credits)
CSCI 260 Data Structures (3 credits)
CSCI 320 – Computer Graphics I (3 credits)
CSCI 330 Operating Systems (3 credits)
CSCI 335Design and Analysis of Algorithms (3 credits)
CSCI 370 Introduction to Computer Networks (3 credits)
CSCI 401 Database Interfaces and Programming (3 credits)
School of Management:
BUSI 100 School of Management Orientation (0 credit)
ACCT 101 – Accounting I (3 credits)
MGMT 102Principle of Management (3 credits)
MGMT 200 – Principles of Management (3 credits)
ECON 201 – Money and Banking (3 credits)
LLAW 101 – Business Law (3 credits)
ECON 320 – International Economics (3 credits)
FINC 320Advanced Financial Management (3 credits)
MIST 335 – Global Entrepreneurship & Web-Base Technologies (3 credits)
MGMT 325 – Management of Technology-based Ventures I (3 credits)
BUSI 435/MGMT 405 – Business Policy Seminar (3 credits)
MRKT 405 – International Marketing (3 credits)
QANT 405 – Management Science (3 credits)

Students can choose from among the following tentative courses:

* denotes tentatively available


FCSC 101 - Scientific Process

FCWR 161 – Foundations of Writing II

FCWR 301- Business Writing

WRIT 316 – Technical Writing*
LITR 440 – Multicultural Literature*
SPCH 205 – Professional Speech*
PSCI 230 – International Relations*
HIST 240 – History of Technology
BIOL 101 – Humanity and the Biological Universe*
CHEM 107 – Engineering Chemistry I
PHYS 170 – Physics I*
PHYS 180 – Physics II*
PHYS 225 – Modern Physics*
CSCI 170 – Computer Architecture*
CSCI 180 – Programming II*
CSCI 300 – Database Management 
CSCI 230 – Discrete Structures*
CSCI 318 – Programming Languages*
CSCI 330 – Operating Systems tuturioral*
CSCI 370 – Computer Networks*
CSCI 312 – Theory of Computation
CSCI 405 – Distributed Database Systems
CSCI 420 – Computer Graphics II
CSCI 450 – Seminar Project
ICSC 309 – Technology and Global Issues
EENG 270 – Introduction to Electronics Circuits*
EENG 281 – Electrical Circuits II*

EENG 370 -  MicroprocessorsEENG 382 – Random Signals and Statistics*
EENG 401 – Communication Theory*



ADVG 101 - Advertising
COMM 210 – Broadcast History and Criticism*
COMM 301 –  Communication Law
TEVE 250 – Video Editing*
TEVE 320 – Directing*
TEVE 340 – Scriptwriting*
TEVE 401 – Advanced TV Workshop I
TEVE 402 – Set/Lighting
TEVE 410 – Advanced TV Workshop II
ECON 101 – Basic Economics*
ECON 110 – Principles of Economics II
ACCT 110 – Managerial Accounting*
LLAW 101 – Business Law*
FINC 201 – Corporate Finance*
FINC 301 – International Financial Management*
QANT 305 – Quantitative Management*

MRKT 101 - Marketing
MRKT 310 – Import-Export*
ECON 320 – International Economics and Finance*
ECON 325 – Economic Development
INTL 440 – Cross-Cultural Promotional Concepts and Practices

MIST 101 - Infromation Systems
MIST 450 – E-Commerce
MRKT 101 – Introduction to Marketing*

MRKT  310 - Import-Export
MGMT 301 – International Business tutorial*
MGMT 325 – Management of Technology-based Ventures I*


This program is open to all undergraduate students. Students must be fully admitted and in good academic standing, and must enroll for full-time course load in Nanjing (minimum of 12 credits).

Financial Aid

Any institutional aid (NYIT scholarships) students currently receive may be applied to the cost of this program; federal and state financial aid is currently not applicable.  IN addition, generous Semester at Nanjign Awards are available  to qualified students! Students who require additional financial assistance may wish to apply for private or alternative loans. For more information, please contact the Center for Global Exchange at or 212.261.1517.

Apply Now

Deadline to apply is December 1! For an application and to find out more about this exciting opportunity, please contact the Center for Global Exchange at or 212.261.1517.

Learn More

NYIT-Nanjing is the first U.S. undergraduate campus in China. The campus opened in 2007, with undergraduate programs in computer science, communication arts, and electrical and computer engineering in Nanjing, the bustling capital of Jiangsu Province, 186 miles west of Shanghai. Learn more about NYIT-Nanjing.