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Basic Sickness Medical Expense Benefit and Supplemental Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Benefit

International Students

NYIT offers Basic Sickness Medical Expense Benefit and Supplemental Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Benefit through Aetna Student Health. NYIT requires all international students holding an F-1/J-1 visa to carry this insurance. The cost of the health insurance is automatically charged to a student’s account each semester and is effective August 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 and January 1, 2016 – July 31, 2016 for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Domestic Intercollegiate Athletes and Residential Hall Students

All NYIT domestic students who live in the residence halls and NYIT intercollegiate athletic team members must have health insurance beyond accidental coverage. Students who do not have their own coverage will have the cost of the health insurance policy automatically charged to their student account each semester. Students who have their own insurance can waive out by September 30th in the Fall term and new/transfer students can waive for the Spring term by February 5th.

Waiving Out of the Insurance

**Students who attended NYIT in Fall 2015 and did not waive by September 30th, 2015 are not eligible to waive for the Spring 2016 term, as the September 30th, 2015 deadline covers the Fall 2015- Spring 2016 academic year**

SPRING 2016:

Residential Hall Students & Intercollegiate Athletes who's first semester at NYIT is Spring 2016 can waive the Aetna Student Health Insurance for the Spring 2016 term.

During the insurance waiver process students will be asked the below questions. If the answer to any of these questions is no, the waiver will be denied.  In addition, students are given one chance to waive at which point the waiver site is locked.  Please ensure you have all of your insurance information with you and are able to complete the entire process in one sitting.  If you have any issues with the insurance questions please call NYIT's Counseling & Wellness office at (516) 686-7976 or email Stephanie Doughty Kilgannon.

Aetna Student Health Insurance Waiver Questions

  1. My plan provides in-patient care in the Old Westbury, Central Islip and New York City areas (including mental health care).
  2. My plan provides out-patient care in the Old Westbury, Central Islip and New York City areas (including office visits, out-patient mental health care and ancillary procedures). Coverage for emergency-only care does not satisfy this requirement.
  3. This coverage will remain in force throughout the 2015/2016 academic year.
  4. I acknowledge that I am responsible for payment of all fees for medical and mental health treatment not covered by my health insurance plan (including but not limited to deductibles, copays, coinsurance and the expenses above my policy maximums and benefit limits). I understand that some health facilities, including the Student Health Center, may require payment at the time treatment is provided.

Requirements to Waive
In order to waive the following requirements must be completed:

  • Must be registered for Spring 2016 classes
  • Must have a confirmed room assignment or must be registered as an NYIT intercollegiate athlete
  • Must be your first term at NYIT or did not dorm in the Fall 2015 term

After these requirements are fulfilled students should allow 5-7 business days for the information to be processed. AGAIN: Only new incoming students are able to waive out of the insurance in the spring semester. Students who fail to waive out in the fall are unable to waive out in the spring and will be charged accordingly.


Domestic commuter, full-time and part-time students

Aetna Student Health Insurance coverage is voluntary for full-time and part-time domestic commuter students. Students are NOT automatically enrolled in an insurance plan and do not need to waive out of the insurance. Students interested in purchasing this insurance must do so through the Aetna Website.  A full explanation of benefits, cost, enrollment, medical claims forms, and deadlines for enrollment are available at this site at the "Help Center" section. Interested commuter students can ONLY purchase this insurance coverage directly from Aetna at The deadline to purchase the insurance for commuter domestic students is September 30 for Fall and February 5 for Spring. Students can be placed on the insurance after the deadlines if they experience a life changing event (such as losing a job) that changes their insurance status. In this instance, please contact Stephanie Doughty Kilgannon, Administrative Assistant, Counseling & Wellness at 516.686.7976.

Instructions to purchase insurance:

Students will receive their Aetna insurance card during the first 45 days of the semester to be used for filing sickness claims.


Never received your card/lost your card?

If you do not receive your card within 45 days of the semester start, please contact Aetna Student Health at 877.409.7358 to determine the status of your card delivery. After dialing please press 1 and then press 2 to speak to a representative. A valid US address must be on file with NYIT to obtain your card. Aetna Student Health provides translation services if requested.

If you need to use your benefits prior to receiving a card, in addition to contacting Aetna Student Health for your card, you may print a temporary card following the instructions listed here Print Your Temporary Insurance Card--International Students.



If you have a question about a claim or bill please contact Aetna Student Health at 877.409.7358. If you need further assistance after speaking with Customer Service you may also contact the Counseling & Wellness Office.

Study Abroad Program Student Accident and Sickness Insurance
All students participating in a school sponsored study abroad program, and international students participating in a short term (less than a full semester) academic program coordinated by the Global Academic Exchange office or any other Academic office, will be enrolled in health insurance administered by HTH Worldwide. The cost of the health insurance policy will be automatically charged to your Bursar account. Eligible students should access using the certificate number on the front of their HTH Worldwide medical insurance ID card to review comprehensive information and services relating to this plan.  Participants can track claims, search for a doctor, view plan information, download claim forms and read health and security information.

For more information, email Stephanie Doughty Kilgannon, Administrative Assistant, Counseling & Wellness at For immediate assistance during business hours, please contact Counseling & Wellness Services at 516.686.7976 or 212.261.1770.

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