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Access and Connection Issues

What is my username and password when searching online library resources from home or other remote locations?
When prompted, your username is your MyMail Username, and your password is your MyMail Password. Help with account information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Information Technology.

How can I search the library databases from home?
From the Library's home page, under the heading "Find Resources", click on "Articles via Databases". Enter your user name and password when prompted.

What does 'max_users' mean? Why don't we have more licenses?
Some databases on the NYIT Libraries site allow only a limited number of simultaneous users. If you are told that all of the licenses are in use or that a resource has reached the maximum allowed users, you will need to wait a few minutes and then try the resource again. We are notified whenever users are rejected for this reason. If the problem is chronic, we will try to arrange for the purchase of additional licenses.

My wireless connection isn't working. Can you help me?
In case of any problems with your PC, Mac or Laptop wireless card, students can go to the ACL Department at any of the three campuses for correct configuration and /or technical support. ACL staff can assist you with troubleshooting your concern regarding PC or Mac wireless card and any other questions you might have about wireless technology. Faculty and staff can call the helpdesk (516) 686-7570 if they need any technical assistance. For online support, please go to NYIT FAQ for instructions or email the Academic Computing Lab at acl@nyit.edu.

Can I review my library borrowing records online?
At the library’s home page, under “Library Catalogs” select “NYIT Library Catalog” (Bearcat). On the Bearcat main page, select “My Account”.
1. Select “Review my Account”
2. Enter your User ID (library barcode on your NYIT ID card)
3. Enter your Library Pin*
4. Select “Display User Information”

How do I get my library PIN?
In order to login to your library account, you must know your library barcode number and your library pin. You can get your pin in person at any branch library, but you must have a valid NYIT ID card with you. You can also do this via the telephone and the library will email your PIN to your NYIT MyMail account. PINs will not be given over the telephone. The first time you login to your library account, you should change it to a number of your own choosing, for your own security.


Books, Journals, etc.

How do I renew a book?

A. Renew by phone
Call an NYIT Library at:
Education Hall Library: 516.686.1448
Manhattan Library: 212.261.1526
NYCOM Medical Library: 516.686.3743
Wisser Memorial: 516.686.7657.

Have your library card handy. Most materials may be renewed twice for the same period as the original loan, unless another reader has placed a "hold" on the item. If items are overdue, or if you have outstanding fines or fees, you cannot renew your items until the fines or fees are paid.

B. Renew online
At the library’s home page, under “Find Resources” select “NYIT Library Catalog”.
1. On the Bearcat main page, select “My Account”
2. Select “Renew My Materials”
3. Enter your User ID (barcode on your NYIT ID card)
4. Enter your Library Pin (see the question, how do I get my library Pin number?)
5. Select “List Charged Items”
A box will appear telling you whether or not the item has been renewed.

C. Renew in person
Bring the item(s) in question in to any NYIT branch and take it to the Circulation Desk. We will renew the items for you.
What if my books are overdue? How much are fines?
If you have overdue materials, the library will mail you reminder letters. If you think the letters may be in error, please bring them to the library. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give you information about your library records or adjust them over the telephone. For more information, please select the “Library Policies” from the library’s home page (http://iris.nyit.edu/library/services/librarypolicies.htm).

How long can I keep borrowed material?
Each time you borrow an item, a date due receipt or card will be given to you, indicating the day you should return the items to the library. Check this date carefully. Most items circulate for two weeks ( for 1 week at NYCOM), with one renewal allowed only if there are no holds or reserves on the item in question.

Is there a limit on the number of items I can borrow?
Yes. Our readers may take up to a total of 12 items out at any one time. In addition, there are individual limits on some material formats.

How can I locate the full text of a periodical (newspaper, magazine, or journal) article online?
1) Select the “NYIT Journal Locator” link on the NYIT Library Home Page (“Collections and Resources” section, left column)

2) Click on the appropriate “Off-Campus” or “On-Campus” search option. If “Off-Campus” you will be prompted for your NYIT MyMail username and password.

3) Under the “Find” heading, select one of four title search options from the left box and then type some or all of the words for the periodical title (or ISSN number, if known) in the search box.

4) If the periodical title is held by NYIT, listings in all available formats (printed, microforms, electronic) will be given. Online databases can easily be recognized--a date range of holdings will appear before the database name.

5) If the holdings range matches the date of your article, click on the database link and search for your full-text article. Some databases require a key word search using words from your article title and/or author; others allow you to select individual periodical issues by date.

6) If the periodical title you need is not listed in the NYIT Journal Locator, or if the date of the particular article is not covered by the NYIT electronic subscription, then you will not be able to retrieve the full text electronically from NYIT. Other options should be discussed with a reference librarian.

How can I get books from other NYIT campuses? Can they be delivered?
Materials held by other NYIT libraries should be requested at the Circulation Desk of your local branch. Those items not held by any NYIT Library branch are eligible for Interlibrary Loan.

The NYIT library doesn't have certain materials that I need. Can you tell me what other libraries can help me?
Interlibrary Loan permits one to borrow books, photocopies of periodicals and other materials from libraries that do not allow direct borrowing by non-members. An Interlibrary Loan Request Form may be filled out either in person or through the NYIT Library Webpage. Under Library Services select either “Interlibrary Loan: Books” or “Interlibrary Loan: Journal.”


Hours, Locations, etc.

What are the library's hours?
Each branch library has different hours. You may also view the current holiday schedule.

How can I contact the libraries?
You can reach the libraries by viewing the contact information. Additional information is available via e-mail through the Ask-a-Librarian service.

How can I find out NYIT Library hours during holidays?
Each branch library has different hours. You may also view the current holiday schedule.



Why should I carry my student ID card when visiting the library?
Most student rights can not be exercised without verification that the student is an enrolled member of the college. Your ID contains a bar code that is a unique number used by the library for most transactions such as circulating books and reserve materials. These can’t be completed without the ID. For security of all members of the NYIT community, legitimacy of presence must be able to be verified at any time that the faculty/staff deems appropriate.

Why is cell phone use banned inside the libraries?
NYIT students have a right to study without interference or disruption. NYIT students have the right to be free of unreasonable noise.
For more information please see Library Policies.


Reference and Research Help

How do I find a book?
All circulating items (including books, videos, DVDs, and sound recordings) can be found by searching Bearcat, the library’s online catalog. Use Bearcat to see which branch owns a particular book, if it is on the shelf, or if it is currently signed out. Use Bearcat to order items to be sent to your local library, review the status of items you have reserved, renew your books, or see what you have borrowed from the library and when it is due.

Can I get help from a librarian electronically?
You can e-mail your question to Ask-a-Librarians Online, our e-mail reference service.

What is the difference between reference books and reserve books?
Reserve books are the library’s most heavily used materials and are placed in the reserve collections of any NYIT library. These are housed at the circulation desk and can not be removed from the library. They may be used on-site for three hours and renewed for an additional 3 hours. To use these materials a borrower must have a valid NYIT/NYCOM ID. Reserve books that are returned late are charged a fine of $1 per hour for each hour a reserve book is overdue within the first 24 hours (see policy).

Reference books are books that cannot be checked out to patrons. These books provide valuable information that must be available to all patrons at all times. Generally, reference books tend to be comprehensive resources on a particular subjects or summaries of information on a broad range of subjects. Reference books include encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, and atlases. Patrons do not need an ID to access reference books, but they may not remove these materials from the library.

I have a major research paper to prepare. What's the best way to get started?
Located on the Library's home page, under the heading “Research Guides" select “Writing and documenting your research paper", you will be brought to a page entitled “Writing & Documenting Your Research Paper.” Scroll down to the section on “Research & Writing” for links to several websites that walk you through writing a research paper. In addition, you may visit the library for in-person assistance from the reference staff.

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