NYIT Library Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a resource sharing program which allows NYIT faculty and students to borrow materials from other libraries that the NYIT libraries do not own. NYIT alumni are eligible to use ILL as long as they have an Alumni card from the Office of Alumni Relations.

ILL is available free of charge, however, there is a limit of thirty (30) articles per semester. Thirty articles in the fall semester and thirty articles in the spring semester, with the summer semester included with the spring semester for a maximum of sixty (60) articles per year.

There usually is no charge to the user for ILL services. However,in some instances high copyright fees or charges from lending libraries may exceed library budget limits. In those instances, the patron will be contacted to determine if they would be willing to cover the costs or would prefer that the request be cancelled.

The loan period for books is determined by the lending institution. In most cases, the loan period is four weeks. Renewals are contingent upon the lending institution. Institutions that loan materials reserve the right to recall items at any time for their users.

ILLs can be requested using the following web-based forms:

For Journal Articles - http://www.nyit.edu/library/article_request

For Books - http://www.nyit.edu/library/book_request

Please make sure that you fill in all the necessary information as accurately as possible, especially your email information. Please also be sure to indicate which library should receive the ILL request by selecting a library in the “Send this form to be processed at” field.


The NYIT Libraries supply loans and scanned copies to academic, public, corporate, and special libraries. Requests are accepted via OCLC (Symbol: ZNT). There is a charge of 10 cents per page for any copies over 30 (thirty) pages.