NYIT Library iPad Policy

The NYIT Library System is pleased to make iPad tablet computers available for in-library use by the NYIT community. This privilege comes with equally consequential responsibilities. Please take a few minutes to consider the following Library iPad Policies:

Who is eligible to borrow an iPad?

Currently registered students, current employees and alumni of NYIT with a valid NYIT ID card may borrow an iPad.

How do I borrow an iPad?

  • iPads may be borrowed at the circulation desk for up to 3 hours.
  • Only one iPad may be borrowed by a user at one time. 
  • Borrowers must checkout iPads in person.
  • The library does not take reservations. The iPads are loaned on a first come, first served basis.
  • iPads may be renewed once with additional renewals subject to availability.
  • iPads must be returned to the circulation desk within 3 hours of checkout or 1/2 hour before the library closes, whichever occurs first.
  • If there are fines on your library account, you may not borrow an iPad until all your fines are cleared.
  • Staff reserves the right to request an additional picture ID

What happens if I am late returning the iPad?

  • The iPad late fee is $5 per hour.
  • If not returned after one week, the fine is equal to the cost of replacement $500.00.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who has a record of abusing NYIT's equipment or is repeatedly late in returning loaned iPads.

Where/How can the iPad be used?

  • The iPad may be used anywhere in the library and only in the library.
  • Popular apps have been loaded on the iPads to facilitate research and collaboration. A complete list of available apps can be found at the following page.  
  • All circulating iPads are configured in an identical manner.
  • Users may not add or remove apps.
  • App recommendations and requests can be made to: library@nyit.edu

What is my responsibility?

  • The borrower is responsible for the iPad from the time of acceptance until which time the library staff records and clears its return.
  • The iPad must be returned in the same condition as when it was borrowed.
  • Please report hardware/software problems immediately as you may be held responsible for any unreported problems.
  • The user will be charged the full replacement cost ($500.00) if the iPad is damaged, not returned for any reason or components are missing. Other consequences include blocked registration and graduation and the withholding of grades and library privileges until the account is cleared.
  • Users are encouraged to ask questions if they are unclear on policies or responsibilities.
  • Users may not add or remove apps or change the configuration of the iPads.
  • Users may not save work to the iPad.
  • Users must sign-out of all personal accounts, services, and apps prior to returning the device.  
  • Users are responsible for clearing personally identifiable information from apps and services.
  • Users are responsible for replacing the iPad and/or accessories if it is stolen while checked out.

When are iPads available?

iPads are available ½ hour after the library opens and up to one hour before the library closes. iPads borrowed one hour before closing must be returned within ½ hour. (If you borrow an iPad at 9pm and the library closes at 10pm, the iPad must be returned by 9:30pm).


The library is not responsible for any files left on the device or for loss or damage to files.  The library is not responsible for unauthorized access to personal accounts that the user fails to properly sign-out of including but not limited to email, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox.  The library is not responsible for any issues or damages that the iPad may cause to any other equipment to which the iPad is connected.