Life Sciences
Life Sciences

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Life Sciences encompass several areas of study concerned with how living organisms function, survive, adapt and evolve. Biology and chemistry are the core disciplines from which additional subfields, including biochemistry, biomedical engineering, physiology, cell and molecular, etc. arise.  Physicians, professors, researchers and other health care professionals, chemists, laboratory technicians, biomedical engineers, biologists, science teachers, etc., all begin their education by studying general life sciences or one of its more specialized subfields. 

Our department offers a variety of degree options as well as combined educational programs that will train and prepare students to enter the exciting world of Life Sciences.  In addition, faculty in the Department of Life Sciences actively conduct research in various fields, from molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, stereochemistry, cancer biology to animal behavior that provide students with broad training opportunities. 

Our goal is to create a stimulating learning environment by being dedicated and committed to providing a highly interactive educational and research experience to our students.    

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The Life Sciences Department offers degrees at our campuses in New York City and Long Island, NY.